The Last Of Us Enemy Guide: Spore Cadaver

Now that we know how to survive in The Last Of Us and know which weapons are best suited to get rid of enemies, it’s time to take a good look at the different enemies that can be found in the game. Once again, fighting is not the main focus of The Last Of Us: there will be time when you’ll be forced to fight some enemies but the best thing to do is trying to avoid confrontations for a lot of different reasons. Even though you may be equipeed with some good weapons that can defeat enemies easily, you probably won’t have enough ammo to fight all of them. At the same time you may end up wasting ammo on some enemies that can be easily avoided and find yourself lacking ammo and resources to fight some enemies that cannot be avoided.

In this regard The Last Of Us is a real survival game since you’ll havr to manage with the limited amount of resources you’ll be able to find in the devastated world of the game: you’ll just as lost as if you are part of this world.

The Last Of Us enemies can be divided into two different categories: Infected and Hunters. Once a person is infected, they will move through five total stages of disease. These five different stages actually represent the five different types of Infected you’ll face during the game.

Hunters are something completely different: they’re humans who haven’t been infected but have chosen a life of crime to survive the post-pandemic world of the Last Of Us. Since they’re still humans, you’ll have to fight them differently than the Infected.

In the Enemy guides we will be covering all enemy types as well as the best strategies you will have to employ if you want to survive these encounters with minimal use of resources.

  • Spore Cadaver

Spore Cadaver are the final stage of Infected evolution but they’ll pose no threat for you gameplay wise: the Bloaters, once they feel like their time has come, hide in dark corners. Once they’re dead, they start releasing spores who infect any non infected human that comes into contact with them. When getting close to some of these spore cadavers, Joel will automatically put a mask on, avoiding infection.

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