The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Treasure Maps Guide: Overview

Items created through Alchemy and Smithing aren’t the only available items in the world of Skyrim. Actually, it would be pretty strange having a role playing game without anything to collect outside items that can be used during battle. In this regard Skyrim definitely doesn’t disappoint since there are so many different kinds of items to collect in the game.

Outside item creation, you will be able to find items in a variery of way, most of them related to your travels. Defeating enemies will also allow you to check their belongings and grab whatever you find.

Among the possible items you can find are Books, Daeddric Artifacts, Gems, Jewelry, Keys and the Stones of Barenziah. All of these items are found in a few different ways.

One unique way to find items is using Treasure Maps which are found all over Tamriel: these maps mark the locations of some special treasure that can only be found with the corresponding map. To find these trasures you will have to have the map in your possession: even if you know the treasure location beforehand, the treasure itself will not appear until the map is in your possession. There are a total of 11 maps in the game and we will be giving you a helping hand in finding all the maps and the locations shown on the maps themselves.

These treasure aren’t anything truly special but if you really want to see everything the game has to offer, you’ll surely want to go on a bit of treasure hunting. Skipping them will not cause you such a big disadvantage so no problems here.

In the Treasure Maps guides we will be covering all the 11 maps found in Skyrim and the locations of the treasures. Please note that there are treasures hidden in a lot of different locations so it’s better to get all the treasures once you feel confident enough to reach most of the areas available for exploration: getting annoyed or even  killed during these treasure hunts is definitely  annoying.

Time to go treasure hunting, Dragonborns!



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