The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Character Building Guide: Pickpocket

With so many customization option given by the game, creating your character is not going to be too hard. We have taken a good look at each of the races available and understood that each one of them comes with its own strengths and weaknesses: some are better suited at being warriors while others are better at magic or stealth.

In creating your character and getting him or her ready for battle and adventure you’ll probably need some good understanding on how skills work. Skills determine your proficiency at everything that can be done in the world of Skyrim. Unlike previous The Elder Scrolls game, skills aren’t determined by the character class: the specialization of skills comes with the Perks system.

All Skills improve depending on the action you do: improving some of them can be somewhat tedious. There are other ways to improve skills without having to repeat some actions over and over: you can improve them by getting your hand on a Skill Book or find some Trainers who will help you improve specific skills.

Trainers can only train you five times per level: to get them to train you again you will have to raise you level. This limit doesn’t apply to a single trainer but to all: if you have already trained three times with a single trainer, you can only train two more times with another trainer. To start training again you will have to level up.

Some followers will also be able to train you: this actually comes with an advantage since you can get your money back by going through their inventory.

There’s also another trick to earn some good XP if you have the horse Shadowmere: this horse cannot be damaged by magic, direct and ranged attacks. Keep attacking him to earn some easy XP.+


The Pickpocket skill tree will improve your pickpocketing abilities, making you a better thief. With the amount of items to collect in the game you may want to invest some time into this skill tree, especially if you’re using a stealth build. To be able to pickpocket you must be in Stealth mode and any pickpocketing attempt will make you earn a bounty on your head. Also, the more valuable the item is, the harder it will be to steal so keep this in mind when searching through other characters’ inventories.


  • Light Fingers

Pickpocketing bonus of 20%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.

  • Night Thief 
  • LV 30

Plus 25% chance to pickpocket if the target is asleep.

  • Poisoned 
  • LV 40

Silently harm enemies by placing poisons in their pockets.

  • Cutpurse 
  • LV 40

Pickpocketing gold is 50% easier.

  • Keymaster 
  • LV 60

Pickpocketing keys almost always works.

  • Misdirection 
  • LV 70

Can pickpocket equipped weapons.

  • Perfect Touch 
  • LV 100

Can pickpocket equipped items.

  • Extra Pockets 
  • LV 50

Carrying capacity is increased by 100.

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