The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Basics Guide: General Tips – Tombs Exploration/ Points Of Interests

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is definitely one of the most successful releases of this generation: the game managed to make the whole series more known and successful to the general public. With the game being so popular and with all the recent additions brought in by new title updates, it’s time that we cover the many aspects of the game. The amount of stuff to do in the game is truly overwhelming: adventuring and battling are only the tip of the iceberg. To truly succeed in Skyrim you will require a deep knowledge of all its gameplay elements and here we are, ready to guide you while we delve deeper in everything the game has to offer.

However before getting to the more advanced stuff we will be covering some of the basics of the game for all those who are just starting the game and are feeling a bit confused at all the gameplay options offered by Skyrim. After we’re done with the basics we will be covering everything else so that even advanced players will find something useful in these Skyrim guides.

  • Tombs Exploration Tips

As any true adventurer would expect, tombs and ruins in Skyrim are full of traps with most of them being absolutely deadly so make sure to tread carefully when exploring. Many of the ruins’ chests and tresure rooms will be locked so make sure to bring enough lockpicks with you before beginning exploration. Other useful things to bring along are Candlelight and Magelight spells, especially if the tomb is dark. While exploring make sure to check everything you see inside, especially urns since they contain, most of the times jewelery, gems and potions. While the potions can be used as soon as you need them, bringing back good amounts of jewelry and gems will allow you to sell them for high prices inside towns.

  • Points Of Interest

Points of interest are constantly added to your map after talking with people but there are other ways to add them during the game. For example, once you reach Mistveil Keep in Riften, you’ll be able to enter a room to the left behind the throne room: you’ll find a map displaying towns controlled by the Imperial forces and ones controlled by the Stormcloaks. There are many other towns in the game with rooms containing maps: checking them out allows you to mark multiple points of interest at the same time. Marking them will allow you to remember where these towns are: unfortunately you won’t be able to quick travel to them.

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