The Cave Guide (The Twins)

The Twins’ level starts with three levers that will open a door.  Have each character pull a lever, saving the Twins for last.  Once the Twins have pulled their lever use their special power, which will leave ghost where they once were.  Now send them through the gate.

Head right and jump down the alternating ledges until you reach the balcony.  Enter the house through the balcony, descend the stairs, and hop to the ledge with the silhouette painting, and Daddy.  Grab the umbrella then backtrack and go up the the stairs that you passed.  Go up another staircase and jump up to the ledge.  Continue left, then jump to another staircase.  Hop to the right and you will pass under another staircase.  Go up this one as well and you will find the entrance to the attic.

Use the umbrella to open the attic.  Now go back down the stairs, continue down one floor past Daddy.  Go left until you find Mommy making the soup.  Behind her is a hammer.  Grab the hammer and return to the attic.

Use the hammer on the loose floorboard and continue right.  Eventually you will come to a fuse box behind a block.  Move the block and take out the fuse.  Return to the floor right below the entrance to the attic and place the fuse in the fuse box.

Now return to the kitchen.  Behind Mommy there is a lever to operate the dumbwaiter.  Use the lever and then use the Twins special power.  Now enter the dumbwaiter and take it to the Parent’s Bedroom.

In this room , take the chamber pot.  Now return to the kitchen and take the ladder in between Mommy and the dining room up to the bathroom.  Here there is a faucet.  Activate the faucet then use the chamber pot to fill it with water.  Take the chamber pot to the room right below the the attic entrance (the room with the fuse box).

Go up to the attic and drag the block in here all the way down to the kitchen.  Put the block in front of the dumb waiter and use it.  Now go up to the room with the fuse box, where you left you chamber pot.  The box should be up here now.  Push it against the far wall, grab your chamber pot, and climb out the window.

Jump from one rope to the next, then jump onto the roof.  Continue right on the roof until you come to the chimney.  Now pour the chamber pot down the chimney and climb down. Now pick up the skeleton key and go down to the basement.

Get the dog’s food and bring it up to the kitchen.  Feed the dog and he will leave his post.  Now, you need to take control of another character.  Go left and drop down the gap here.  Go right and hop the gap to get the bone pile.  Now grab one a bone and return left to jump down this gap.  Go right and you will see the dog house.  Jump in between the gap of the front steps and dog house and go right.

Down here you will find a red valve.  Turn the valve, then return to the basement with the Twins.  Go to the far left and grab the rat poison.  Now return to mother and stand near the soup.

With the Twins positioned here, have your character with the bone go stand in front of the dog.  Wave the bone in front of the dog to get it barking.  This will distract Mommy, giving you ample time to pour the rat poison into the soup.  Now go use the faucet (you can’t be carrying anything to use the faucet) and when you come down the parents will be dead.

Use the skeleton key to unlock the front door and go right.  You will find another three switches, once all three are pulled at the same time the gate will open and the level will be over.

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