The Cave Guide (The Time Traveler)

Use the Time Traveler’s ghosting power to get past the stalagmites.  Go right, past the time machine and up the ladder.  Hop off to the left and ghost through the stalagmites.  Pull the stone to the right and pull the fuse out of the fuse box.  Now hop down, go back down the ladder, then go to the right and go down a second ladder.  Head left and put the fuse in the empty fuse box.

Return back up the ladder and use the time machine to go to the future.  Ghost through the holo-door and listen to the Greatest Employee of All Time talk himself up.  Return left and use the museum door button to lower the holo-door.

Return right and continue until you see the second ladder. Go down the ladder and head left.  Drop down the ladder and continue left, hopping over the gap, and going down the ladder again.  Now head right and press the button in front of the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Go back up the ladder and return to the time machine.  Use the time machine to go back in time, back to the age of the dinosaurs.  Head right up the make-shift ladder.  Go left and drag the stone block in front of the dripping water to the right.

Now head back down the ladder and go right.  Continue right past the first ladder you see and down the second. Head left, then drop down another ladder.  Hop the gap and continue right until you see Thog working on his stones.  Move the pie shaped one to the right, past the elevator and to the edge of the gap.

Now take control of a second character.  Since the water has been block in the pre-history, the stalagmites should be gone.  Bring a character to the time machine and skip past the future to pre-history.  Have the character come and stand right by the pie-piece rock you have in place.

Have the time traveler go down the ladder, go right and you will see a dinosaur.  He will be rather smitten, given your dino-perfume and chase you.  Return left and keep your distance.  Now have the second character push the pie shaped stone on the dinosaur’s head.  Love hurts.

Using the second character, return back up the ladder to the right, then continue right.  Go past the ladder here and you will see a round stone underneath dripping water.  Grab the stone and pull it to the left.  While still holding the stone, take control of a third character.

With the third character, go right until you find the well.  Now crank the well and with the bucket in the air, select the time traveler.

With control of the time traveler, take the time machine to the future.  Go right, then down the third ladder you see.  Now go right and you will see a broken down well.  To the right of the broken well is a bucket.  Take the bucket and return to the dinosaur exhibit.

Right before you get to the dinosaur, you will find a pool of oil.  Use the bucket to scoop up the oil and return to the floor with the Greatest Employee of All Time.  To the right of the GEoAT there is an engine with an oil intake valve.  Pour the oil in here.  Now take the elevator up to the next floor.

At the top of the elevator you will find a tire.  Take the tire back down to the elevator and roll it to the time machine.  Take the time machine back to pre-history.

Now roll the tire down to Thog.  The caveman will be quite taken by the tire and snuggle with it.  Take the time to slide a big stone over and drop it on his head.  Thus eliminating Thog’s descendent, the Greatest Employee of All Time.

Return to the future, where the Greatest Employee of All-Time is little more than a memory.  Go down to the level with the well exhibit and go left.  Pick up the Smurg and return to the present and unlock the door to the left.  Continue left and unlock another door.  Now you’re home free.

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