The Cave Guide (The Scientist)

Climb out of the pool to the right.  Have the scientist stand by the computer and use her special ability to open the door.  Run to the right and you will find that the path is blocked.  Return left to the grog machine.  Use the scientists special ability again to hack the machine into an elevator lift.

Go left and descend down the slope.  Cross the pool and remove the fuse from the fuse box here.  Now return back across the pool, go up the ladder, and place the fuse in the fuse box here.  Now get your party onto the elevator and hit the call button.

At the top floor, go right and climb up the ladder.  Use the console and the scientist’s special skill to open the door.  Go through the door and watch out for the death ray.  Right as it disappears, have the scientist make a break for the console.  Use the console to reverse the ray and fry the annoying egg head in this room (well, the other egg head).

Pick up the launch key and bring it to the launch room.  Insert it into one of the keyholes.  Return to the death ray room and use the right hand console to activate the elevator.  Take the elevator down to the next floor, then go down the ladder to the bottom level.  Here take a left and you will wind a wet floor sign.

Pick up the sign and take it back to the floor the elevator brought you to.  Go left and up the ladder.  Place the wet floor sign in between the scientist working and the console.  Then activate the console.  The scientist will try to stop you but fall on the wet floor.  Pick up the fallen scientist’s launch key and place it in a keyhole in the launch room.

Now go back to the bottom floor and go right.  Enter the Code: 1-6-2-9 and the door will open.  Enter the room to the right and grab the knockout gas.  Now go back to the ladder and go up one floor.  Go right and wait by the air vent to the far right.  Now have your character on to the top floor go to the far right and up the ladder to activate the HVAC machine.  Then have your character with the knockout gas drop it by the vent, knocking out the guard on the floor above.

Now go back to the bottom level, to where you found the wet floor sign.  Go down the ladder to the left and then go right.  You will a find a fruit bowl here.  Dig until you find bananas, then bring the bananas back up to the lower elevator level.  Go right and you will find a monkey.  Use the bananas to lure the money down one level and into the far left room.  Here he will jump into the guidance system.

Return to the launch room and have each character turn a key to launch the rocket. Go to the left and take the elevator down.  Now cross the gap to the left, go through the open door, and drop down the chasm

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