The Cave Guide (The Monk)

Take the Monk out of the pool to the left.  Head up the mountain, hop up a handful of the ledges, and use your monk ability to knock out a support beam, allowing you to continue the climb.  Climb up the rope and up a few more ledges.  A couple of ladders and a final jump will get you to the top.

Head to the left until you find the Master.  Use the your monk skill to ring the wind chimes.  After the Master is done talking, use the monk ability to pull the feather to you.  The Master will say a final word of wisdom. Return back down the mountain once he is done, all the way back to the red bridge on the ground level.  Have all three characters stand on this bridge and it will collapse.

Go left until you reach the ladder.  Scale the ladder and use the monk ability to get the blossoms from the right.  Now walk slowly down the hall, turning your back whenever a gust of wind blows through.  Once you are at the end of the hall, use your monk ability to the close the window.  Then place the blossoms on the blossom pedestal.

A ladder will drop down from above.  Go up the ladder and you will have a scale puzzle.  Pick up the seven gallon jug and fill it, then pour its contents into the four gallon jug.  Then dump the four gallon jug into the drainage.  Now, again pour the contents of the seven gallon jug into the four gallon jug (should be three gallons).  Fill the seven gallon jug again and pour it into the four gallon jug (to make it six gallons), now place it on the pedestal.

Take the elevator to the left up to the next floor and have all three characters join you.  Have each character stand on a platform (rugs?) and once one is on each of the rugs they will rise.  You will see things labeled “desirable objects” and a rope that leads somewhere, but do not get off the rugs for any reason.  At the top a rope will drop down, have your characters climb this rope to get to the next level.

Climb the ladder with the Monk that is on your left and use the meditation statue on the left side of the next floor to have the camera zoom out.  Now go as far left as possible and use the monk’s ability on the support bolt.  Return as far right as possible and use the monk’s ability on the support beam.

Drop down the ladder and hop the gap to the right.  Continue right and pull the boulder over to the rope.  Climb the rope, then go right, and climb up to the top of the mountain.  Return to the master and use the monk ability to ring the wind chimes.

After the Master dies, return to the pool you came down in.  On the right side of the pool is the Master’s Gate.  Use the monk’s ability to open this door now and continue on your way.

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