The Cave Guide (The Mine Carts)

At the start of the level there will be two levers to the right of a large bed of spikes.  Have a character pull one and you will hear a low rumbling.  Have two characters pull them simultaneously and a boulder will drop down on the spikes allowing your characters to cross.

Descend the ladder to the right, then follow the slope down right to find a second ladder.  Take that one down as well.  Then a rope, and then a third ladder.  Head right, through a water puddle and your other characters will automatically join you.

Now, take the rope down and another ladder, then follow the mining car track to the left.  Here, you will find a prospector who will demand you return his mining carts.  He will throw down a shovel, a bucket, and a empty can of corn.

Take the bucket and the shovel, then return up the ladder and the rope.  Hop off of the rope, to the left, and you will find a puddle of water.  Use the bucket to gather the water and return down to the prospector who is now throwing dynamite at you.

Use the bucket of water to scoop up a stick of dynamite before it blows up.  Now return up the ladder and rope.  This time, jump off to the right.  Light the stick of dynamite using the torch and set it to the blockage of boulders to the far right.

Continue through the new passage to the right.  Go down the rope, then up the ladder, and you will find another claw-machine.  Keep one character by the levers of the claw-machine.  Then, garb second character and bring them here.  To the right of the ladder is a mine cart.  Have your character drag the mine cart underneath the claw and stand in front of it so that it won’t go anywhere. Have your first character activate the lever to dump gold into the cart.  Now have you second character get out of the way and the cart will return to the prospector.

Leave the claw machine and collect the water bucket if you had discarded it earlier. Return back down to the prospector to get a second stick of dynamite.  Then go back up the ladder and rope, through the puddle, and up the ladder to the far left.  Here you will find another boulder blockage.  Use the torch and the dynamite to clear the way.

You will need all three characters for this one.  Have your first run to the ladder in the center of the mining tracks and climb it to the highest level.  Be careful of the platforms that rise and fall with your weight, when the platforms starts to dip, hop just to the middle ladder.  Now have a second character walk onto the first platform and weight it down.  Have a third character jump down to the join the second and pull the mining cart onto the first platform.

Now, have the third character climb back up the ladder to the right.  Then, have them jump the gap to the middle platform.  Have them climb the ladder, then join the first character on the high platform to the right of the cave painting.  Now have the second character pull the mining cart onto the center platform.  Push the mine cart onto the second moving platform and counter the weight with the other two characters on the first one.  Now push the cart through to the prospector.

Retrieve a third stick of dynamite from the prospector and climb the rope that is by where the second blockage was.  Take the rope up, then the ladder it leads to.  Now light that stick of dynamite and place it by the third blockage to the far right.  Take the character with the shovel down this path and drop down the ladder you will find.  Drop down and again and start pushing the mine cart.  Soon it will have enough momentum to move on its own.  Hop in the mine cart and use the shovel.  This will redirect the tracks and bring you back to the prospector.

The prospector will thank you.  Now have bring all three character on the bridge and it will collapse.  Maybe he shouldn’t have thrown all the dynamite at you.

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