The Cave Guide (The Knight)

Hop the first gap and jump down the second.  Yes, the one will all that fire.  However, right before you hit the flames, trigger the Knight’s special ability. Now run to the left and speak to the King who will send you after his daughter.

After he is done, return right and hop off the ledge.  Continue right and you will see a gate open for you.  You can have your other two characters jump down the first gap (the non-fiery one) and join the Knight.  Now have the Knight ascend the rope, then the ladder, then the alternating ledges, and then the last rope.  Here, he will find the princess.

Bring the Knight back down to the other two characters and continue right.  Go through the gate, down the rope, and up the stairs.  Using a character that is not the Knight, climb the rope, go up the ladder for two floors.  Now, hop off and ascend three flights of stairs.  On the third flight, climb a rope that will lead you to a lever and a board with an arrow that will point to one of four roman numerals.

Now, take the knight and bring him up the same way, except instead of climbing the final rope, have him continue up the third flight of stairs and wait in the small elevator at the top of the stairs.  Once the Knight is in the elevator, have him use his special power.  Now, have the character standing by the lever pull said lever.  The lever will lower the elevator.  Stop it at level three (should be level two, but who’s counting?).

Now take the third character and have them go up the same as the first two characters.  When the third character is climbing up the first ladder you will hear a guard yelling at the Knight while shooting arrows at him.  If you’ve done this right, the Knight’s shield should be protecting him.  Have your third character jump off the ladder towards the guard firing his crossbow.  Now, sneak your character up the ladder right behind the guard and grab the Dragon Gate Key.

Now have all three characters meet at the ground level below the elevator and keep going right.  Here have the Knight and a second character (obviously one of them should be carrying the Dragon Gate Key) descend the ladder, then the rope.  Have the key carrier stand by the door with the sign “Close and Lock Gate”.

Meanwhile, have the Knight continue down the ladder here.  At the base of the ladder, go left and hop a few small gaps.  Continue left until you find a ladder.  Go up the ladder and climb off to the right.  Continue right and approach the dragon carefully.  Just before the dragon attacks with fire, trigger the Knight’s special ability.Now, switch to the character with the key, open the door, and steal the medallion.

Make sure the Knight has the medallion and return him to where the elevator controls were.  Instead of taking the third flight of stairs to the rope, take the ladder up in between the second and third flight.  Pop the medallion into the coin machine and you will find your princess.

Have the Knight pick up the princess’ amulet and continue left.  Hop off the balcony and onto the rope.  Now descend all the way down to the ground level.  Continue left and go up the rope, then the series of ledges.  Once at the top, jump down the fiery second gap, like you did in the beginning.  Then return to the King who will thank you and offer you the sword stuck in the stone.

Now grab the third character, the one you left at the lowest point the elevator went to.  Go up toward the princess’ chamber and jump onto the ledge directly above the second flight of stairs on your way up.  Here you will find crates of dynamite.  Grab the dynamite and go back down to the ground level.

Go left, following the wooden arrow with the dragon painted on it.  Then hop the gap that would lead you down to the dragon’s lair and follow the arrow with the skulls on it.  Hop the ledge, continue left, and go up the ladder.  Keep going left, until you see the troch.  Use the torch to the light the stick of dynamite you have and place it atop of the crypt directly to your left.

Now take the Knight and draw the sword from the stone.  The king will sing your praises and run to his daughter.  Take the chance to run left, through the garden, and jump down into the pool below.

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