The Cave Guide (The Island)

Get out of the pool and go right until you find a boat.  Push the boat out to sea and have all characters hop in.  After some time at sea you will find an old man marooned on an island.  Hop off the boat and head up the beach.  While going up, you will find a straight pipe by the parrot.  Pick it up and continue.

At the peak of the island, you will find the old man has a rather nice set up.  Go up two ladders and you will see a cross piece of pipe next to a cave painting.  On the level below the cross pipe, you will find a blue box.  Pick up the cross piece and push the box over the edge. Then follow it down and push it again to the wall on the right.  Now climb up on the box and use it to pull yourself up to the ledge and continue to right.

Hop the large gap and climb down the ladder. Continue right until you find a blue wooden box.  Drag it as far left as you can.  Now use it to scale the wall in front of you and continue into the depths of this island.

Up on the first ledge you will see a gap in the piping.  Stick the straight pipe into that gap.  Continue right and hop up onto the wooden ledge when you see it.  Run atop the wooden ledge and jump onto the hanging rope.  Climb the rope and jump off to the right.  Climb up the ladder to the right, continue right, and grab the L shaped piping.

Climb down the ladder and start going left.  Hop over the gap and continue left.  Climb up on the ledge and jump left to the higher ledge.  Continue left until you see an L shaped gap in the pipes.  Place your L shaped piece of pipe in that gap.

Now head right, go down the ladder, go left, and turn the water valve.  The water level will rise in the pool.  Go through the pool and keep going left until you find your boat.  Now drag the boat right.  Go through the water, back up onto land, and into another pool.

Now take the character with the cross pipe and go left.  Bring them through the same way as the character who grabbed the L shaped piece, but before the ladder you will see the cross shaped gap where the piece fits.  Place the piece in here.

Return the character to the entrance of the cave, where you replaced the straight piece.  You should find a red valve here.  Meanwhile, have another character stand on the right hand side of the bridge above the lava below.  Now have the character at the valve turn it and a hot air balloon should carry your character on the bridge up to the top of the island again.  Have you character exit the balloon to the left.  Here they will find a pirate flag lever.  Pull it.

Meanwhile, have a different character backtrack to the parrot.  A little to the right of the parrot will be another pirate flag lever.  Pull that one too.  Now bring the character at the red valve right, but do not go up on the wooden ledge this time.  Stay low and go down the first ladder you come across.  Continue left and you will find another pirate flag lever.  Pull it to open the gate here.

Now roll the barrels out.  Place one on the metal grate, below the rock blockage above.  While down here, grab the femur that is laying about.  Now move the next one directly in between the ladder and the first barrel.  Roll the third barrel up the slope until it lights from the heat of the lava, then roll it back down.  The barrels should set off a chain reaction to blast the rocks above and drain the water of the pool the boat is in.

Bring one of your characters (except the hot air balloon one) back to the now dried pool with boat in it.  In the left hand corner of the empty pool is a lever.  Pull the lever and drag the boat to the right until it is on the hot air balloon.  Then activate the red valve and the hot air balloon will carry the boat up.  Now have the character waiting up there push the boat to the right and it will slide down to the water.

The hermit will want to leave the island with you, that’s not cool.  To get rid of him, have a character grab a box of crackers that is sitting on the beach by the boat.  Bring the box of crackers to the parrot on the other side of the island.  Use the crackers in the front of the parrot and he will land on your shoulder.  Bring him back to the old man’s hut.

Now have the character with the femur bone go back to the old man’s house as well.  Here use the femur bone on the dog who will start barking.  The parrot will start to mimic the dogs barking.  Bring the parrot to the old hermit and the hermit will be reminded of his dog.  Now have everyone file into the boat and shove off.

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