The Cave Guide (The Hillbilly)

This is the hardest carnival to get into.  Have the Hillbilly dive down into the pool and use his special power to have him hold his breath.  Weave through the pool and emerge on the other side.  Now take a stick of dynamite, light it, and place it by the rock blockage to the right.  Now you can bring your other two characters into the carnival.

Descend the ladder to the left of the pool and then go down the rope.  Go to the left until you find a carnival ticket.  Pick up the ticket and backtrack to the ticket taker.  Insert the ticket and you will see that you need five more.

Continue left and climb the rope you find.  Go up the alternating ledges and when you see the Guess Your Weight Machine, go left. Hop the gap that goes down to the Wheel of Misfortune and climb the two ledges.  Now climb the rope and you will find the generator.

With a second character, go up the same way and take a right toward the Guess Your Weight Machine.  Continue right and hop the gap that will lead to the magician.  Go up the alternating ledges, continue up past Xavetar, and go left to find the Ferris Wheel.  Hop on the Ferris wheel and hop off when you see the fuse.  Have the character with the wrench disable the generator, then have the character by the fuse take it.

Now take the fuse down to Xavetar and activate him. It will seem you wasted you time, but the electric psychic will glow a specific color.  Take your third character down to the Wheel of Misfortune and guess the color that Xavetar most recently glowed.  You will guess correctly and win a ticket.  Take the ticket to the ticket taker.

Now have the character with the fuse take it from Xavetar and head toward the generator, however before the sign for the Wheel of Misfortune there is a wooden ledge with a ladder.  Hop up to the ladder and take it up.  To the left of the Clothed Exotic Dancers, there is another ladder.  Take the fuse up this ladder, have the other character deactivate the generator, and put the fuse in the fuse box.  This will activate the Exotic Clothed Dancers and give you access to the sledgehammer.

Take the sledgehammer and return back down to the main level.  To the right of the dunk tank and the left of the rope you will find a Test Your Strength game.  Use the sledgehammer to get another ticket.  Take the ticket to the ticket taker.

Now return to the Ferris Wheel, where just to the right there is a Man of Ordinary Strength exhibit.  Next to the exhibit will be a barbell.  Pick up the barbell and return back down.  To the left of Xavetar, there is a gap that will go down to the magician.  The magician will make a cupcake disappear.  Take the cupcake and replace it with the barbell.  Now the magician will make the barbell disappear.

Take the barbell and go the Guess Your Weight Game. The guesser will be wrong and you will get your fourth ticket.  Take it to the ticket taker.

Lastly, have one of the characters stand on the dunk tank while another pushes the button to the right to dunk them.  This will get you the final ticket.  Have the Hillbilly collect the pink bear and bring it to the Two Legged Lady.

To exact some revenge here,  give the wrench to the Hillbilly and have him stand on the dunk tank while another character pushes the button directly to the right.  Now have the Hillbilly dive into the pool and follow the water right.  Here you will find a cavern. Get out and climb the ledge.  Use the wrench to turn the pipe nut.

Now have another character grab another carnival ticket to the right of the ticket taker and use it to get the lighter.  Use the lighter on the hay bales to the right of the Two Legged Lady.  Once the hay bales (and everything else) burn away, exit to the right.

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