The Cave Guide (The Beginning)

After the opening monologue from The Cave, select your first choice for a character.  Use left or right on the D-Pad to move your selection, then after you have the character you want, use the left analogue stick to move them.  There is no tutorial, so if you need help, go to the start screen to view the controls.

Once you have your character moving, go to the far right until you find a small shack with a crowbar.  Pick up the crowbar and go back, across the campfire to the far left until you find the passage boarded up.  Use the crowbar to pry off the boards.  Now select your other two characters.

Bring your characters down the slope and hop over the gap on your way down.  Continue to the bottom, jumping up to the ledge and descending a second slope.  Hop down the three alternating ledges, then drop down, and run to the far right of the screen.  Here you will find a box, drag it to the wall and use it to climb over.   Now, bring all three characters onto the rickety bridge and drop them down.

Climb out of the pool of water to your right.  Keep heading right and you will find the The Cave Gift Shop.  Once a character who isn’t carrying anything talks to Gift Shop Clerk, he will offer to open The Cave if you find three treasures to give him.  Take the oversized key and return, through the pool, to the far left until you reach the Employees Only Door.  Use the key to open the door

Drop off the ledge and slide down the rope you will find here.  Continue to the far right and descend the ladder.  Now, hop over the gap and pull the lever. Have a second character hop down the alternating ledges to the immediate left of the ladder and pull the lever in the right hand corner of the room.  Have your third character go through the gate, jump the gap and pull the lever, keeping the gate open.

Continue to the left until you see the alternating ledges leading up.  Climb up the ledges and use the crowbar on the well crank.  This will pop the crank off of the well.  Now pick up the crank and use it to fix the well near the ladder that brought you down here.  After the crank is in place, use it to break the well.  Once the well is broken, a bucket will be lying by the ladder.

Pick up the bucket and go back to the where you got the crank.  Jump to the ledge on your left and you will find a large claw-machine.  Use the bucket on the fuse box that is running the machine, then take the fuse. Bring the fuse back to the second lever you pulled to open the gate (the one at the bottom of the alternating ledges to the left of the ladder).

Once the fuse is in place, activate the hot dog machine.  The machine will spit out a hot dog.  Pick up the hot dog and have a second character take the fuse back out.  Now, return to the claw-machine and replace the fuse.  Have the character that replaced the fuse stand by the “levers and such” that work the claw-machine.

Meanwhile, have the character with the hot dog bypass the ledges that lead up to the claw-machine.  Here you will see a bell and a pit of spikes.  Go over to the pit of spikes and press the action button to toss the hot dog on them.  Now, go and ring the dinner bell.  Doing will so will rouse the creature blocking your progress.  This creature will go over to the hot dog and eat it.  While the creature jumps on the hot dog, have the character standing at the claw-machine use the levers to capture the creature.

Hop over the pit of spikes and continue going left.  Drop down into the pool and hop out on the right hand side.  Now descend the ladder and then descend the second one.  Here you will find a box of dynamite.  Pick up a stick and return to the top level, where you dropped into the most recently visited pool.  Here at the top you will see you path is blocked.  You will also see on the other side of the ladder there is a torch.  Use the torch to light the dynamite, then set it down by the rubble blocking your path to clear the way.

Now continue right until you the path splits with a ledge leading upwards and a path leading down.  Hop up on the ledge and have one character grab the treasure up here.

Now head down the path and drop into first gap you see.  This will lead to a pool of water.  Jump in the pool and swim down.  You will see the pool has a gap at the bottom you can swim through to get to the other side.  Here you will find another treasure.  Grab it with the second character and return back up to the top of the first gap you jumped down.

This time hop the gap and have one character stand on the pressure plate while the other two go through the open gate.  Then have a different character return the favor on the other side of the gate so the remaining character can join the other two.

Have your only empty handed character climb the ladder here and find the third treasure.  Return him back down the ladder and get all three characters on the elevator that will bring you back to the hot dog machine.

Ascend the alternating ledges, the ladder, the rope, and cross back through the pool to reach the Gift Shop Clerk.  Once he is presented with all three characters treasures (and you pester him a bit) he will open up the cave entrance for you.  Go through the entrance and drop down into the pool below.

Get out of the pool on the left and descend the slope.  Have one character jump on the rope holding the weight.  This will lift the gate allowing your other two characters to jump the gap to the ledge on the left.

Once both the crossing characters have made it to the bottom level have your third character jump off the pulley.  Now have one of the two characters on the ground run to the far right where they will find a box.  Pull the box out to the middle of the gap so your third character, still up high, can drop down on it.

Now continue to the right and hop of the short wall here.  Bring all three characters onto the pressure plate and the gate will open.

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