Sony US Stores Cut PsVita 3G Model Price

The PsVita 3G model has recently received a price cut in Japan, bringing its price closer to the basic Wi-Fi only model. Many expected a price drop announcement for the West but Sony actually confirmed that there will not be a price cut in the West in the near future.

A new report came in this morning stating that the 3G PsVita model has received a price cut on the Sony US Stores: the 3G model is now priced at 1997,99 $, including a 8GB memory card a free game voucher for all who sign up a 3G contract in store. The deal is available on the majority of the Sony Stores.

Some employees at Sony’s New Jersey and Las Vegas stores have told Joystiq that the company was discontinuing the model, explaining the unannounced price cut. At the same time a new 4G model may be introduced in the near future: Sony patented a new PsVita model not too long ago, featuring an USB port, HDMI port as well as 4G connection capabilities.

An official announcement is probably coming in the next hours: we will keep you informed as soon as something new comes in.

Source: Joystiq

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