Skylanders Giants Collectibles Guide: Overview

One of Skylanders Giants main focuses is definitely the collecting aspect: being able to play as all the Skylanders is no easy task, since you’ll have to track down all the figures that have been released for this game, as well as some that have been made for the previous game, Spyro’s Adventure. Still, collecting them all is definitely a rewarding experience that ends up enhanching the gameplay possibilities for Giants. In the previous series of guides we have covered all the Skylanders available in the game, with their description, stats, powers, abilities and upgrades: they are all so different that any player will definitely find the Skylander best suited for their own play style.

The collecting for Skylanders Giants doesn’t stop here: there are a lot of different collectibles found in the game that actually serve a purpose during the game itself. Some of these, however, don’t serve a real purpose and just add more info on the game’s world. Once a Collectible is found, it will no longer show up on the Chapter on that save file.

The available Skylanders Giants Collectibles are

  • Accolades
  • Charms
  • Hats
  • Story Scrolls
  • Soul Gems
  • Winged Sapphires
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheels
  • Treasure Chests
  • Legendary Treasures

In the Collectible Guides we will be covering all the collectibles, giving a general description for them as well as their in game locations. If you have already collected all Skylanders and you still want to keep collecting, keep following us.

Just like with so many other collectibles found in games, some of these ones are completely optional and in no way required to complete the game. However, as we already stated multiple times, Skylanders Giants is all about collecting and choosing to skip one of the collecting experiences in the game , may end up making the experience less engaging than what it really is as a whole. Still, the decision is yours to make: if finding all the Skylanders figures has burned you out, you probably don’t want to do any more collecting.


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