Persona 4 Golden Yomotsu Hirasaka Bosses Guide

Time to put an end to the mysterious series of murders seen in Persona 4 Golden. Being able to access the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon means that you are set on the path of the true ending and alredy know who is the culprit behind all the events of the game. Being the last dungeon, I suggest bringing as many high level personas as possible, since enemies here are quite though and without some good preparation, you’ll be defeated easily.

  • Neo Minotaur

This boss will probably not cause you any real problem with his truly low defense: he doesn’t have any real weakness so you can use whatever attack or spell works best for you. He can only use rampage, which attacks all party members but he doesn’t deal that much damage. In case you’re having troubles with him, use a physical resistant persona and you’ll be set for victory.

  • Sleeping Table

The Sleeping Table doesn’t have any weakness and can be quite annoying since he loves to use instant kill attacks, spamming Mahamaon every chance it gets. His Hp is not too high so if you’re quick enough and hit it hard, you may be able to make it out of this battle easily. Just make sure to heal the fear status effect once inflicted because the Sleeping Table will use Ghastly Wail the next turn, killing all characters afflicted with said status ailment.

  • Izanami

As you would expect, Izanami doesn’t have any weakness and mainly focuses on magical attacks, with -dyne spells and Megidolaon. When she uses Mind charge make sure to guard to avoid getting killed with the following spell. To make things easier you may want to use the Makarakarn spell or the magic mirror to reflect her magical attacks. Keep your HP high enough and this battle will be a breeze.

  • Izanami Okami

Izanami Okami is not too different from regular Izanami, except that sue has two turns instead of one. The same strategy from the previous battle can be applied, with the addition of using debuffs to make her less powerful. Always guard after she has used Mind Charge and Stagnant Air since she’ll probably be able to kill you in a single attack. After she gets to zero HP, some scripted events will begin and the main character will obtain Izanagi No Okami: use Myriad Truths and finally complete the game!

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