Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide

Being released on PsVita, one of the additions made to the game is full Trophies support: none of the included trophies are too hard to obtain but you will need multiple playthroughs to get the Platinum trophy. You’ll probably earn most of the by simply playing the game and some may require some extra efforts, like the one obtained by listening to a high number of Rise’s quotes during battle. If you still haven’t completed the game be careful when reading the guide as there will be plenty of unmarked spoilers included.

  • A Princess Appears

This is a Story Trophy and it can’t be missed: rescue Yukiko’s from Yukiko’s Castle and you’ll get the trophy after the final boss battle inside the dungeon.

  • A True Man’s Stand

This is a Story Trophy and it can’t be missed: rescue Kanji from the Steamy Bathhouse and you’ll get the trophy after defeating his Shadow in battle.

  • The Lounge Is Closed

Another Story Trophy that can’t be missed: rescue Rise from the Marukyu Striptease and you’ll get the trophy after defeating her shadow and Teddie’s as well.

  • Game Over

This is another impossible to miss Trophy since it’s story related: you’ll obtain this trophy after defeating Mitsuo’s Shadow and get him out of the Void Quest dungeon.

  • Boarded-Up Lab

Another unmissable story trophy: rescue Naoto from the Secret Laboratory dungeon and defeat her Shadow to obtain this trophy.

  • The Return Of The Angels

This trophy will be obtained after your trip to Heaven: rescue Nanako from the Heaven dungeon and defeat the final boss of the dungeon to finally obtain this trophy.

  • Breaking Through The Fog

SPOILERS! To obtain this trophy you’ll simply have to defeat and secure Tohru Adachi from the Magatsu Mandala dungeon: defeat him and Ame No Sagiri to obtain this story trophy for good.

  • Welcome Back

This trophy is optional and it can be missed: make sure to level up the Aeon social link so that you will be able to access the Hollow Forest extra dungeon. Once you can enter it, complete it and defeat her to obtain the Welcome Back trophy.

  • The Truth In Your Hands

To obtain this trophy, you’ll have to be on the True Ending Path and get access to the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon. Defeat Izanami, watch the true ending and you’ll obtain the this trophy at the same time.

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