Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide Part 6: The Reaper Becomes The Reaped And Food Fighter Trophies

Defeated Margaret yet? In the previous guide we have covered the trophy you will get by defeating one of Persona 4 Golden secret bosses: being one of the strongest you shouldn’t feel down if you’re having some problems since it’s a fight created just to give players troubles, with those switching patterns and strong attacks which can kill your party in a single strike. In this part of the Trophy Guide for Persona 4 Golden we will be fighting another secret boss, The Reaper, who is slightly easier tha Margaret and that nets some interesting post battle items which may be helping you in the Margaret fight.

  • The Reaper Becomes the Reaped

To get this trophy you will have to defeat the Reaper: if you played Persona 3 you know what to expect from this fight. Unlike P3, where you had to stay on a single floor for some minutes to let the Reaper appear, in Persona 4 Golden you may need a bit of luck to meet him. The Reaper is hidden inside chests found on all dungeons, with a set chance for every dungeon, with the Magatsu Mandala dungeon having the highest chance. Don’t worry about meeting him when you don’t want to: the game will be asking you if you want to open the chest. Defeating the Reaper requires you to be on a good level, at least 70, and be prepared to negate your weaknesses: he’ll usually use Mind Charge togethery wih some Dyne spells. Makarakarn and Magic Mirros will be a great help for this battle. Once defeated, the Reaper will drop ultimate weapons for all characters, one for each time he gets defeated: once you have all weapons he’ll drop the Omnipotent Orb which negates all damage for a single turn. You may want to defeat the Reaper multiple times before attempting to defeat Margaret.

  • Food Fighter

To get this trophy you will have to finish the Aiya’s special dish. Aiya’s restaurant is located in the Shopping District North area and is only served during rainy days. You will probably be able to obtain this trophy in the later parts of the game or during a second playthrough since you will be needing all stats to be at Max level. Once the stats are all maxed, the main character will finish up the dish and you will obtain this trophy. No need to put an extra effort in if you’re going to do a second playthrough of the game.


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