Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide Part 5

More trophies to be earned in Persona 4 Golden: after tackling the hardcore Risette fan trophy, all the others will be much more easier since they don’t rely on luck… too much. Still, the tedious stuff is almost over and to get the next set of trophies you’re just going to need some skills, together with that little amount of luck that always helps. As usual, don’t get too much frustrated over a single trophy: sometimes it’s best to just move on to the next before attempting again.

  • Fill Your Hand

Another trophy which you may have been able to get by just playing if you were lucky enough: after each battle, if you performed well like ending the battle quickly, using a lot of weakness hits and all out attacks and so on, you will be entering shuffle time which will grant you some bonuses like new personas, extra experience and gold, items and so on. There will be some negatives as well, but you can also chose not to take a risk and leave it at that. At times, you’ll be promted to try and obtain all cards in the shuffle: to obtain these trophy you will have to get all the cards in the shuffle for 50 times. This can be quite time consuming and somewhat annoying: just play the game normally and wish for the best.

  • Grasping at Greed

Ah, the dreaded Golden Hands enemies: you’ll meet quite some of them during the game and, as soon as they spot you, they’ll be trying to run from you. After some running they will disappear so you need to catch them quickly. In battle, you will have to be quick as well since they’ll run after only a few turns: each one has a different weakness so try to exploit it to defeat them quickly. They also give some nice experience and money so you know what to do about them. Defeat one of them and the trophy will be yours forever.

  • One Who Has Proven Their Power

To obtain this trophy you will have to defeat Margaret in combat: we have already detailed this boss battle in another guide. To be able to fight Margaret you will have to be on your second playthrough, max the Empress Social Link, defeat all the optional bosses and be on the last day of the game. Be careful, she is one of the strongest bosses of the game.

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