Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide Part 4

In the fourth part of the Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide we will be covering some more trophies for the game: one of this trophy can be quite tricky to get and especially time consuming. I was able to get it on my second playthrough and I had to put some extra effort to get it. It’s rather annoying to be honest but completionists don’t fear anything: with our extra help things will become even easier than before! Here we go!

  • Hardcore Risette Fan

This one is probably the hardest Persona 4 Golden Trophy and for a good reason since there’s a lot of luck involved in getting this Trophy: you’ll have to listen to over 150 lines of dialogue from Rise and we’re talking about battle dialogues! You can only do it in a single playthrough, making the thing even more annoying. Rise has different lines for when you enter battle, as well as analyzing enemies’ weaknesses: there are at least three different types for weak-medium and strong enemies so try not to overlevel too much or all enemies will appear as weak to Rise, blocking out a good number of lines. Make sure to analyze bosses as well: Rise also has four different lines for the final battle and two more special ones for the secret Margaret fight. To get the trophy just make sure to hear all the possible things Rise has to say by analyzing all the enemies you encounter multiple times. For the opening battle lines, everything is up to luck. Persevere and you’ll finally be able to get this trophy!

  • Skilled Commander

You’ll probably get this Trophy without really trying since it’s part of the most useful gameplay mechanics: you’ll have to perform 50 All Out Attacks. To perform All Out Attacks you will have to down all enemies on the field by using weakness hits or critical attacks: once all are down one of your party members will ask you for confirmation, unleash an all powerful attack which usually destroys regular enemies.

  • Tactical Fighter

Another easy trophy which you will probably get by simply playing the game: you will have to exploit enemies’ weakness for a total 100 times, sometime which is sure to happen during the regular course of the game. You can know enemies weaknesses by analyzing them: while Teddie won’t be able to find out anything by himself, offering a simple recap of whatever you have found, once Rise joins you, she’ll be able to tell all the enemies’ weaknesses and resistances after a few turns.


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