Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide Part 3

Finding your true self is all nice and good but if enemies get in the way things don’t get any easier. And if finding it doesn’t even satysfy you enough, you may want to earn a Platinum Trophy to boast even more about the accomplishments of a self searching journey through Persona 4 Golden. In this part of the guide we will keep analyzing some of the game’s trophies as well as some of the quickest strategies used to earn them.

  • A Favor for Marie

Marie is one of the new characters introduced in this PsVita port and she has some specific tasks which can be performed in the Velvet Room: she can customize your online ID and register skills cards, which can be obtained in dungeons during Shuffle Time or bought from Chagal Cafe’ if your equipped persona has a skill card symbol for any of its skills. Once a card has been obtained, it can get registered so that it can be bought as many times as you want and used in persona fusion to add that skill during fusion. To get this trophy simply register your first skill card.

  • Card Collector

This one is a little harder to get than the previous one since you’ll have to register 100 skill cards. Obtaining so many cards requires quite a bit of time and luck: make sure to visit the Chagall cafe’ whenever you have a new persona with the skill card icon. Please note that skill cards actually carry over your second playthrough so you may find it easier to obtain this thropy during a second or third playthrough.

  • Displaying Adaptability

The main character of the game has an unique ability to change personas during battle, something that only he can do. To obtain this persona you will have to switch personas during battle 5 times, beginning each new turn with a different persona than the previous one. You can do this with just two personas: just switch each turn and after the fifth one you will be done.

  • Going Nova

To obtain this trophy you will have to deal more than 999 total damage on a single enemy. It’s not too hard to do during the later parts of the game when your level is high enough: use a strong physical attack like God Hand or deal a weakness hit and perform an all out attack to rack up some good damage.

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