Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide Part 2

With the Story related trophies already covered, we will be moving on with some trophies which may need a bit more effort to get in Persona 4 Golden. Some of the ones covered in this part of the guide you may be able to get without too many problems but if you want to make that Platinum Trophy an easy one, look no further as we’re here to help you like always. Be careful when reading this guide, since there may be unmarked spoilers, depending on which part of the game you have reached.

  • Fusion Expert

To get this trophy you will have to perform 50 total persona fusions, regardless if you have been using only 2, 3 or more personas at the same time. You’ll probably earn this midway through the game if you have been using the fusion feature a lot. If not it shouldn’t be too hard gathering personas as post battle bonuses and fuse them whenever you can. After the 50th fusion has been performed, you’ll get the trophy.

  • Special Fusion Expert

From 7/10 you will be able to perform some special fusions that need 4,5 or 6 personas to create an unique persona which can only be obtained through these specific fusion recipes. To get the trophy you will have to perform a special fusion once: the easiest to do is Neko Shogun, which Ara Mitama, Kusi Mitama, Nigi Mitama and Saki Mitama which can only be obtained as post battle bonuses.

  • The Nose Doesn’t Always Know

Sometimes during the fusion process, a fusion accident may happen making the resulting persona different from what was predicted. There’s no way to tell when this may happen as it’s completely random. To get this trophy without wasting too much time just buy as many personas you can from the Compendium and fuse away: remember to save before doing so. If you haven’t been able to trigger an accident, reload the save and do it again. You’ll need a bit of luck to unlock this trophy but with some patience, you’ll be able to do it.

  • Persona Shopper

You’ll probably get this trophy just by playing the game regularly: to get this one you will have to simply buy a persona from the Compendium and any persona will do. The Persona Compendium registers all the personas you have obtained, complete with stats and skills, making it possible to summon one again you may used through fusion. Since it’s a common practice during the game, you won’t have to put extra effort on to get this trophy.


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