Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Mr. Perfect, The Other Self, The Power Of Truth Trophies

Already got all the trophies we have covered so far in Persona 4: Golden? Great, that means you are getting closer and closer to that Platinum Trophy. Today’s trophies will probably require you an extra playthrough since it’s especially hard to get the Mr Perfect Trophy on your first round but don’t forget that you still have to do a second playthrough to battle Margaret so maybe you would like to make your life easier for your first playthrough.

  • Mr. Perfect

To obtain this trophy, you will have to earn the maximum rank for all the 5 stats of your main character: Knowledge, Courage, Expression, Diligence and Understanding. Unlike Persona 3, it’s quite easier to max all stats in a single playthrough, since many activities actually make you earn points for 2 or more stats. Some answers given during story and social links events will make your stats increase as well so if you pay attentions and make a perfect schedule, you can do it easily. Even if you miss this trophy on your first playthrough, you’ll definitely get it on your second. So just be patient and play the game the best you can.

  • The Other Self

This is a story related trophy: early in the game you will obtain the power of Persona after a really cool animated cutscene. After obtaining Izanagi, the trophy will be yours, it’s impossible to miss.

  • The Power Of Truth

To get this trophy you will have to fuse Izanagi No Okami: to do so you must have seen the True Ending, be on your second playthrough and be at least on level 91. To fuse this persona you will need to use 12 different personas in the special fusion: Fool Izanagi x Strength Sandman x Chariot Nata Taishi x Moon Girimehkala x Fortune Norn x Emperor Okuninushi x Hangedman Orthrus x Star Kartikeya x Temperance Mithra x Priestess Tzitzimitl x Tower Cu Chulain x Fool Legion. Inzanagi No Okami is definitely one of the strongest persona of the game and using it will make your life easier when dealing with the optional bosses of the game. Izanagi No Okami also has the Victory Cry Skill Card so fusing him may be useful in creating some more powerful personas: he also has no weaknesses so that definitely another bonus.


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