Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Movie Buff, Bug Hunter Trophies

Time for more Persona 4 Golden Trophies: the developers at Atlus added trophy for every activity that can be undertaken in the game and if you’re someonew who likes to experience everything a title has to offer, you probably won’t be having too much troubles getting some of today’s trophies. We will be covering some trophies tied to the new content added to the PsVita version of the game so get ready to get to Okina City and be a regular of the theater and indulge in some bug hunting in the shrine, becoming a master bg hunter or at least pretty decent with the net.

  • Movie Buff

To get this trophy you will have to watch at least 3 movies at the 30 Frame Cinema: just like the other facilities in Okina City, you can reach this one after the 8th of June. The Cinema will be right after you get off from the scooter, at the beginning of the area. You can watch a movie there for each month, bringing one of your party mememebrs with you, allowing him or her to gain some bonus experience points. Since you will waste the day, it’s ok to save before doing this, get the trophy and then reload the previous save: the bonus obtained after watching the movie is not too useful after all.

  • Bug Hunter

Bug catching is another new feature of the PsVita version the game: the bugs primary use is as bait since there’s no way now to buy baits from shops. To start bug catching you will have to buy a red goldfish from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities and offer it to shrine maiden during night, after the 9th of June: you’ll will obtain the net this way. After this event you will be able to cacth bugs at night in the shrine: walk around the grass and you will notice a ! popping up, that’s the cue to catch the bug. To get this trophy you will have to press the button as quickly as possible: you may fail once or twice, but it’s not gonna be hard at all. Given how you may also have had to cath bugs for the fishing related trophies, you may already have obtained this one without having to put some focus into it,


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