Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Moderate & Thorough Bookkeeper, Fashion Plate

We’re still not quite done with the trophies of Persona 4 Golden: some more tasks await you but we’re not talking about something too hard to do. The collect all personas trophy may require some extra effort and mastering all the Social Link but you may want to do it anyway since the Rank 10 Personas are really powerful and you will be needing them to defeat the extra bosses and deal with the harder difficulties of the game.

  • Moderate Bookkeeper

To obtain this trophy, you will have to register over 50% of all the personas of the game in the compendium. You will probably end up getting this trophy without trying if you have been getting a lot of shuffle bonuses and have been experimenting in the fusion feature. Remember that you will have to register the personas with Margaret so make sure you talk to her and access the Compendium options in the Velvet Room whenever you get a new Persona.

  • Thorough Bookkeeper

To get this trophy, you will have to complete the Persona Compendium and this may be time consuming and require a lot of money in getting the right personas for the fusions. For every 25% of the Compendium, Margaret will lower the Summon costs so in the later parts of your quest it will be slightly less painful. Follow our guides to know all the fusion recipes and save a bit of time for this trophy. If you want to go in blind, prepare to spend a lot of time for this trophy. Also, remember that some fusions are locked until you master the corresponding Social Link and one persona, Izanagi No Okami, can only be fused during the second playthrough of the game. Two playthroughs will be required to finally obtain the trophy: together with the Hardcore Risette trophy, this one is one of the worst trophies of the game.

  • Fashion Plate

After some time consuming trophies, this one will be indeed a breeze: just play through the game until you get some extra costumes. Wear them in battle and win it to get this trophy. You can also buy extra costumes from Co Fur, located in the new town available only in this version of the game. Any costume will do for this trophy.


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