Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Legend Of Inaba, An Acquired Taste

Hang with us: we’re almost done with the trophies for Persona 4: Golden. Just a little more and you’ll finally be able to platinum one of the finest role playing games ever released. Today we will be covering some trophies related to the extra content of the PsVita port and another time consuming one: you will have to complete all Social Links to get it, including the two new Social Links included in this version. A second playthrough for this trophy will make the whole task way easier.

  • Legend Of Inaba

Another of those trophies which will probably require more than a single playthrough to complete: you will have to max out all the Social Links in the game. It’s definitely possible to do everything in a single playthrough but you would have to be on a tight schedule and do everything right in the right day. It’s still easier to do than Persona 3 but you can make it easier by simply focusing on maxing all stats in the first playthrough and then proceed onto maxing Social Links in the next: if you’re aiming for the platinum you will have to do at least two anyway, so I suggest you take it easy on the first one and go all out on the second. Doing it on the second playthrough also makes Margaret’s requests easier to do since you will be importing all of the Persona Compendium. While improving the Social Links, focus on all the ones not tied to party members since you will be getting some extra time in December and January to level them up. Also be careful of the Adachi Link, since he’s only available during select dates. There are also two other trophies related to the Social Links: you’ll get them once you have mastered 1 and 10 Links.

  • An Acquired Taste

To get this Trophy you will have to take a coffee at Cheagull Cafè, which can be reached by going to Okina City. To get access to the City you will have to wait for June 8th, where you will receive the scooter. Going to the Cheagull Cafè will also allow you to get a Persona Skill Card: pay the 5000 yens required and you will unlock the trophy the first time you will do this.



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