Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Head Of The Class, Fishing Master Trophies

In the next trophies we will be covering today in the Persona 4 Golden Guide we’re going to spend some time in some of the game’s extra features: you will have to answer all questions correctly in one of the exams, as well as catch the Sea Guardian in the fishing mini game. For some of these trophies you’re going to need a second playthrough: if you are a completionist more reasons to play through the game again a second time.

  • Head Of the Class

To get this trophy you will have to rank first in one of the exams. Doing so will allow you to obtain some extra items from Nanako and Dojima and increase Social Link points for all your classmates. You can also score high in the tests by maxing your stats: answering the questions in the correct way will increase your chances of being the top student of your class. If you need to answer all questions correctly, simply save before each exam and keep trying.

  • Fishing Master

To catch the Sea Guardian and earn this trophy, you will have to be on your second playthrough. You will be able to attempt this after June 8th, after you have gained access to the new city and the sea. On June 4th talk to the boy in the temple and fulfill his wishes: he will handle you a bug. Exchange the bug for a fishing hook at the Bar at the end of the Shopping District South. Go talk to the old man at the floodplains during the day to get your fishing rod. Before catching the Sea Guardian, make sure you catch the River Guardian during rainy days and show it to the old man on the floodpains. After having done this, head over to the Sea with the scooter with the improved rod the old man is going to give you. To catch the Guardian you will need the right bug which can only be found at night while looking for bugs and fish during rainy or snowy days. After a few tries, you’ll surely encounter the Sea Guardian: catch it and the trophy is yours, as well as being now able to complete a quest for Fox Social Link.



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