Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Granter Of Your Desires, Seize The Moment, Cooking With Gas, A Special Lady Trophies

More trophies coming your way in Persona 4 Golden: as you will be noticing, many of these trophies won’t be too hard to obtain since you will just have to complete some easy tasks during the game. For the A Special Lady Trophy you will have to do some specific things during Social Links but given how the game informs you about the consequences of some actions, you’ll probably get that one without even trying.

  • Granter of Your Desires

Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities make a comeback from Persona 3 and they can be as useful or useless as ever. It doesn’t really matter what you get in Persona 4 as long as you just buy: to get the trophy you will have to buy stuff for 5 times. To buy things from the show you will have to watch Tv on Sundays. You can do it without any problems, since it doesn’t even take up time.

  • Seize the Moment

To get this trophy you will have to buy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku: the shop is close to the Bulletin Board in the Shopping District North Area. The special croquette can only be bought during rainy days. Since very little things can be done during such days, just head over to the shop, buy the croquette and see the trophy notification pop up.

  • Cooking With Gas

To get this trophy you will have to make 5 perfect boxed launches. Sometimes during the evenings you will be finding some leftovers in the fridge and you will be asked if you want to make a boxed lunch: the lunch will be used to strengthen the bond with another Social Link character. Here are the choices to select to avoid ruining the boxed launch:

04/25 – Cut it into nice pieces
05/12 – Simmer with drop lid
05/31 – Use soy sauce instead
06/29 – Skewer
07/06 – Deep fry
07/12 – Vanilla Extract
07/14 – Potato starch

There are other dates as well, but simply use these ones to make things easier.

  • A Special Lady

To get this trophy you will have to start a romantic relationship with any female social link character. Most of the times the choice is in the later ranks and it’s pretty easy to know which answer will start the relationship. Do it for any character available and the trophy is yours.


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