Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Compulsive Reader, It’s Working Today, Lucky Me Trophies

With both Margaret and the Reaper defeated you probably have taken care of all the trophies of Persona 4 Golden which involved some sort of skill to conquer. Most of the trophies left to analyze require more patience than anything, so you better get yourself ready for some tedious things to do. Luck may be able to help you with these tasks but it’s better if you get prepared for the worst so that you won’t have to suffer too much to get them.

  • Compulsive Reader

To get this trophy you will have to get all books available in the game: there are more books than the Ps2 versions and you must get all of them to get the trophy. The Ps2 ones can be found by simply checking the book store every month and they won’t be too hard. For some of them you will have to do some special tasks that I’m going to list here.

The Noodle Way – Eat at Aiya more than eight times

The Gentle Way – Complete Quest number 8

Witch Detective – Strength social link event at 5/29

The Punk’s Way – Complete quest number 14

Guide to Pests – Complete quest number 22

Fun With Number – Accept the date at 7/17

Riddlemania – Accept the date at 8/10

The Divine Festival – Go with a girl to the festival in 8/21

Who am I? – Complete quest number 34

All the other books can be found by checking the bookstore. If you need help on quests you can check out our quest guide, posted some months ago.

  • It’s Working Today

To get this trophy you will have to obtain one of the capsules from the capsule machine, which can be found at the end of Shopping District South Area. To get an item, you need to check the machine during a rainy day: please note that time will pass and you’ll be needing a small amount of money, of course. If you’re lucky you may be able to get a rare item from the machine but that is not needed to get the trophy.

  • Lucky Me!

Another luck based trophy: you will have to win a prize from the vending machine in the Shopping District North area, near the liquor store. You can buy 5 drinks a day and hope to win a prize while buying them. If not, return the next day and do the same. After some time you’ll definitely get lucky and win the prize.


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