Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide: Advantage Mine, Big Bro is Worried, A New Quiz King Trophies

With these three last trophies, we are finally done with the Trophies of Persona 4: Golden. This one will also be our last guide for the game since we have covered pretty much everything included in the game: if you’re only starting the game now you will be able to take advantage of our extensive coverage of all of the gameplay aspects like Persona fusion, Social Links, Endings, dungeon strategies, time management and so on. These three last trophies are incredibly easy to get if you know what you’re doing: the Advantage Mine trophy is obtainable with minimal effort, while the other two require a bit more of focus.

  • Advantage Mine

To get this trophy all you will have to do is getting a Player Advantage during a battle and it’s pretty easy to do: you will have to attack an enemy on the field from behind without alerting it. Do it once and the trophy will be yours.

  • Big Bro is Worried

From 11/22 Nanako will be in the hospital and you will have to visit her three times to obtain this trophy: simply talk to your party members and you will be able to get to the hospital, increasing the Social Link points with them if you still haven’t mastered the corresponding Social Links. Here are the first possible dates to visit Nanko:

11/22 – Yosuke in the classroom
11/23 – Chie in Shopping District North
11/24 – Rise on 1/F teaching building

Since this makes time pass you can choose to save, get the trophy and go back so you won’t be wasting any time.

  • A New Quiz King

To get this Trophy you will have to win the Miracle Quiz finals: to access the quiz mode you will have to get to the Tv Listings from the main menu and get on channel 3. The questions will be random so you’ll require a lot of knowledge about the game. To add some difficulty to the task, your opponents will be very quick so you’ll need to quicker than them. Earn the highest points in a single match and you’ll obtain this last trophy for the game. Once you are done with this and all the other trophies, the Platinum Trophy will finally be yours!


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