Persona 4 Golden The Reaper And Margaret Strategy Guide

As if the game didn’t get enough regular boss battles, divided into mid bosses and full bosses, Persona 4 Golden gets its good share of secret, optional bosses. Some of them can be quite though if you’re not well prepared but we’re here to help you take down all of them.

  • The Reaper

The Reaper can no longer be considered as an extra “secret” boss since you don’t have to wait the second playthrough to find and fight him. He’s a level 85 enemy so you should be trying to fight him only on the highest level possible: even at level 100 it’s gonna be a hard battle if you’re not well prepared. For starters, the Reaper has all the element break skills so elemental resistances became quite useless but that’s not all: he’ll constantly spam mind charge and megidolaon, dealing a lot of damage. If you’re lucky he might just resort to some physical attacks, but they hit everyone and they hit really hard. The only way to win this battle is to strike hard yourself, making the battle last as little as possible. To resist longer you’ll need a persona with the Debilitate skill and use it three times, together with the best buff spells available. Once debilitated, you can use a Persona with stron physical attacks to deal a lot of damage: Yoshitsune with Power Charge can deal really a lot of damage to the reaper. To improve your surviving chances try equipping a HP+30% accessory. Fighting him at low level on a first playthrough guarantees you an early death, so avoid him at all costs.

  • Margaret

If you hated Margaret on the Ps2 version, you’ll hate hare even more here: she gets double turns, making the battle way more difficult than before. If you thought about using the Omnipotent Orb to make the battle easier, you better reconsider: Margaret will attack you with a 9999 HP damaging attack as soon as the battle starts. As for the preparation, you need a way to endure a deathblow without any party member helping you: the Endure Soul skill is totally fine. You need this because Margaret will use a 9999 HP damaging attack every 25 turns and given how hard she is, you’re really going to need it. Margaret attacks and resistances will change as her current HP changes, going from fire-ice-thunder-wind-almighty. After the four elements, she unleashed a mind charged almighty spell so beware. After getting her down to around 50%, she’ll completely heal herself and start over the patterns. After you take her down again to 30%, she’ll use a power charged physical attack every two turns, making the battle really hard if you don’t buff your defenses and use physical resistant personas.

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