Persona 4 Golden Skill Cards Guide

An interesting new feature added in Persona 4 Golden are the skill cards, allowing for even better customization during the fusion process: add this to the possibility of choosing which skills will be inherited in the resulting persona and you’ll get the potential of creating the ultimate persona, or simply a really strong one for the time being.

To be able to use the skill cards you’ll first have to obtain them in some way. There are two ways to get them: during Shuffle Time, randomly happening after random battles, or by using the new Cafè, available at nights after obtaining the Bike. Since obtaining skill cards during shuffle time is completely unreliable due to its random nature, the Cafè is definitely the best way to proceed.

Obtaining Skill Cards through the Cafè is quite simple: if you check out a persona’s skills, you’ll notice a little diamond icon next to a skill’s name. That means that a Skill Card for that particular skill can be made at the Cafè: bring that persona with you and you’ll be able to copy that skill into a card. Skill Cards cover most of the skills available in the game but only specific persona’s skills can be made into cards. To make a quick example we can say that a lot of personas in the game have the healing Dia spell but only the one learned by Pixie can be made into a skill card. This makes discovering new personas all the times of the highest importance since almost all the skill cards from personas come from innate skills which don’t require leveling up to learn. All skill cards will come with a certain rank, highlighting its rarity and usefulness and as the rank increases so does the cost to buy the skill: later skills may cost quite a lot and in some cases it’s better to resort to fusing rather than spending huge amounts of money on a single skill.

Once you have obtained a skill card, you’ll have to give it to Marie in the Velvet Room: she’ll register the card and you’ll be able to purchase the skill and add it to your personas during the fusion.

As I said before, the skills cards only cover the common skills and spells found in the game: the only way to inherit special skills, mostly coming with the Rank 10 Personas, is through fusion but even then your chances will be pretty slim.

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