Persona 4 Golden Shadow Naoto Boss Battle Guide

After having defeated and captured Mitsuo, it’s time to face more challenges in Persona 4: Golden. as we move in the second half of the game. As long as you have high level personas you won’t have any problem on normale difficulty. If you encounter some troubles, that’s where we come in to help you against these bosses.

  • Dominating Machine

The Dominating Machine is the mid boss battle of the Secret Laboratory: this shadow doesn’t have any weakness and has a simple attack pattern consisting of using Power Charge and then Herculean Strike. This skill attacks all characters so make sure to bring some personas who can heal all characters at once. A persona that nulls physical attacks will also help you greatly. Once it’s close to defeat, the Dominating Machine will self destruct after three turns: simply defend and you’ll be done.

  • Shadow Naoto

Shadow Naoto is resistant against Fire attacks so avoid using them. The battle will begin with it using physical attacks and sometimes Muting Ray, which is quite annoying since it damages HP,SP and may cause the Silence status ailment. Just attack with your best spells and physical attacks. After a while, the attack pattern will change: the shadow will use Element Zero, nullifying any elemental resistances for your party. After this, it’ll use usa any single target -dyne spells and if it manages to land a weakness hit, it will use heat riser on itself, boosting all stats, something that can be easily negated with the dekaja spell. If you have Makarakarn or even some Magic Walls item the Heat Riser is actually going to work in your favor since its magic attacks would be getting bounced back at it, dealing quite some damage. Without any way to reflect damage, this battle will be harder since this boss loves to exploit weakness.

  • Extreme Vessel

The Extreme Vessel is an extra boss which can be fought after rescuing Naoto: bring Yosuke with you or a persona with the Garu spells since it’s weak against the wind element. The only thing you have to watch out is the Power Charge and God Hand combination: if you know how to exploit weaknesses and prevent the enemy from attacking, you’ll be able to clear this battle with the boss not even taking a turn. Ah, the joys of the weakness system when used against the enemy!


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