Persona 4 Golden Shadow Mitsuo Boss Battle Guide

Let’s move with some more boss strategies found in Persona 4: Golden: with the bosses found in the Void Quest dungeon things start getting harder but don’t worry too much, some good personas can help you conquer these battles with ease.

  • Momentary Child

The Momentary Child is an extra boss found in the Marukyu striptease after rescuing Rise: this boss is weak to ice so bring Chie or Teddie or a persona with ice attacks. Just heal everytime after he uses Herculean Strike and you’ll be fine.

  • Killing Hand & Almighty Hand

This mid boss battle is quite easy since both bosses have weaknesses: the Killing Hand is weak against fire while the Almighty Hand is weak against wind so bring personas with such skills. The Almighty Hand is actually the most annoying here since it can buff the Killing Hand so kill this one before dealing with the Killing Hand.

  • Mitsuo The Hero & Shadow Mitsuo

This battle is quite annoying and, despite having cleared it on the Ps3, had some troubles again in this port. In the first part of the fight you’ll have to fight an 8bit version of Mitsuo: this isn’t too hard since Mitsuo can onlly attack or use an attack which causes Exhaustion on the target. Mitsuo’s Shadow is much more difficult: he has the Dekaja skill to nullify all your buffs, he has all the -dyne spells and even Megidola. If you’re knocked down by a critical attack or by a weakness hit, he’ll use one Megidola, most likely killing some characters in the process: bring a persona with the highest defense stat possible. When using Devil’s Smile, make sure you cure the ailment since he’s going to use Ghastly Wail in the next turn. And, as if not annoying enough, he’ll try resurrect 8bit Mitsuo during the battle: damage him enough to make him stop otherwise you’ll have to defeat 8bit Mitsuo again.

  • Escapist Soldier

The Escapist Soldier is an extra boss available after defeating Mitsuo: it doesn’t have any weakness but it’s not too hard to defeat. He’ll mostly use physical attacks against single targets so make sure to stay healed if things don’t look to good. Bringing a persona with physical resistance will make this battle even easier.


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