Persona 4 Golden Shadow Kanji, Shadow Rise, Shadow Teddie Boss Battles Guide

Have you found your true self yet? If you haven’t, look no further as we will help you once again in Persona 4: Golden. The more we move on the more things are going to get thougher, so be sure to grasp all the basics of the fusion system to have the best personas available at the time.

  • Daring Gigas

The Daring Gigas is not too hard, despite its appearence. It uses a very basic strategy and has no way to attack all characters at the same time: he’ll buff himself up, use Power Charge and then he’ll use the Single Shot. Focus on attacking an healing and make sure you guard after he’s used Power Charge and you’ll be fine. He has no weaknesses so you can focus on physical attacks to land a critical hit and knock the Daring Gigas down.

  • Shadow Kanji

Without a solid strategy, things will get bad soon. Make sure Yosuke has learned Dekaja and use it everytime Kanji gets buffed up. To decrease his attack power make sure to use the Tarunda skill whenever you can. For the rest, destroy the two support shadows before focusing on the main boss: Nice Guy has some supportinve abilities and can heal the others, while Tough Guy is more attack oriented. I always went for Nice Guy first since he’s more annoying. Be careful whehn Kanji uses the Power Charge skill: defend with the main character since he can one hit kill anyone if the attack buffs are active on him.

  • Intolerant Officer

The Intolerant Officer is a bonus boss available after you have defeaated the main boss: this one is a pretty easy battle since this shadow is weak against thunder.

  • Amorous Snake

Another easy boss battle since this shadow has a fire weakness. Defeat this boss quickly since he may be able to damage you by using the combo Stagnant Air – Virus Wave.

  • Shadow Rise

Not too hard to defeat: attack her with physical and magical attacks, heal and buff when needed. Once she’s down to 50% of her total HP you won’t be able to hit her: just defend and the battle will end after three more turns.

  • Shadow Teddie

To improve your victory chances, use a Persona with ice immunity since Teddie will attack you with ice attacks. The Mind Charge – Mabufula combo is especially deadly so try to defend after he’s charged. Except for this, the battle is not too hard: he doesn’t have any weakness so attack with your best skills. After a while he’ll use Power Charge and then attack you with the Nihil Hand attack: guard and all damage will be nullified.


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