Persona 4 Golden Magatsu Inaba Boss Battles Guide

After having being in Heaven to rescue Nanako, it’s time to go to hell, literally! Magatsu Inaba is one of the last dungeons of the game so you better bring some of your best personas: an epic battle awaits you at the end of the dungeon so it’s best to get prepared. If you are reading this guide without having reached this point in the story STOP READING NOW because there’s gonna be some heavy spoilers which will probably ruin the game’s experience for you.

  • Face Of Disorder

To be honest with you, I’ve had more trouble with the random encounters the first time around than with this boss battle; if you are strong enough to handle Yoshitsune, he’ll be able to do all the work in the battle. Simply destroy the shadows summoned by the Face Of Disorder so that he won’t be summoning more. Attacks that hit all enemies are the best way to accomplish and as I mentioned before, Yoshitsune will end the battle really quickly.

  • Envious Giant

This boss is as easy as the one before, only that you may be getting killed easily if you don’t keep your HP level as high as you can since this boss will use Megidolaon. Other than this, this boss has high elemental resistances with thunder absorption so you just have to go all physical. A power charged high level attack will do tons of damage.

  • Adachi

The moment everyone has been waiting for: the big showdown against the killer. And it’s not too hard too: a persona with physical immunity will make it even easier since Adachi tends to use Vorpal Blade a lot. At times he’ll use a Dyne spell against you but, it won’t be too damaging. This battle has been made easier so that players will be ready for the REAL showdown.

  • Amenosagiri

This is the real deal and it makes up for all the easy battles in this dungeon: Amenosagiri has got no weaknesses, a not too high defense stat but he attacks two times each turn. However he has a predictable pattern which allows you to react accordingly: all the dyne spells will be followed by God’s Judgment; after using Quake the boss will use the Fog Of Confusion, preventing you from attacking him before the fog vanishes; after casting Mind Charge he’ll start boosting himself before launching another devastating magic attack: use Dekaja as soon as you can, otherwise you’ll be in for a beating. Use this patterns to defend or heal or even buff. With a low defense stat, it’s best to use power or mind charge and some strong skills, rather than attacking him every turn.


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