Persona 4 Golden Hollow Forest Guide

As if not being already packed with content, Atlus has added more content in Persona 4 Golden. Aside from the extra ending and social link, centered on Adachi, the rest of the new content is tied to another new character, Marie, a resident of the Velvet Room. Improving the Aeon Social Link, starring Marie herself, is crucial in unlocking the new secret dungeon. Marie herself will aid the players in another important feature added for the Persona fusion process.

  • Hollow Forest

To be able to access the Hollow Forest, you’ll have to max the Aeon Social Link before the final dungeon opens up. If you have the Aeon Social Link mastered, an event will occur on January 2nd by going to the Velvet Room. Once you do, another event will happen on February 12: Margaret will tell you that Marie has entered the Tv World and that she’s created her own reality inside the Tv World. From February 13 you will be able to access the dungeon: it has 10 floors and a few special rules: once inside the dungeon you will have no items, money will be reduced to zero and your current Sp amount will be reduced by half after each battle. This makes going through the dungeon extremely painful, since you’ll have to more careful than ever in avoiding enemies: the Shadows found here have an average level of 75-80 and you may need your Sp to the full in dealing with them during each battle. The dungeon becomes easier once you keep on exploring since you’ll find some equipment with special properties, allowing you to restore some Sp during the battles and other beneficial effects.

Looking like the final dungeon on the True Ending path, Yomotsu Hirasaka, you can’t leave the dungeon until you have defeated the final boss of the dungeon, Kusumi no Okami. Other than this boss, some more shadows will block you way: together with regular shadows, you will have to find some special Shadows which need to be fought while breaking the seals. Also, unlike the other dungeons of the game, you will have to fight two sub bosses instead of one. Also, before fighting the true final boss of the dungeon you will have to fight Marie as well: however don’t waste your resources in this fight since it will end automatically after 3 turns. Just concentrate on surviving and give your best in the next fight.

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