Persona 4 Golden Hollow Forest Boss Battle Guide

As you may already know if you have been following our guides for Persona 4 Golden, you know about the Hollow Forest extra dungeon: the forest is related to new character and Velvet Room resident Marie and the dungeon itself is related to her Social Link since not only you will have to have mastered it before a certain date but it’s also her final step into resolving her own issues, explored by the Social Link events. And, as you might have guessed, the final boss of the dungeon is Marie itself! If you want more detailed info in the Hollow Forest, you can check out our guide on the extra dungeon. Here we will be analysing the boss battle and some possible strategies to conquer the battle with ease.

  • Marie

Marie is resistant against physical attacks, so avoid including any physical oriented persona in your team. The battle will begin with Marie using the Hot Lightning attack which has a high critical rate: try to use HP UP accessories to improve your survival chances. Physical attacks will also be rendered useless by the Alienatio Wall, one more reason to stick to magic attacks. At times she’ll use Megidolaon on the whole party but if your defense is high enough, you won’t have any problem at all. You won’t even have to worry about completely defeating her since, after losing around 50% of her total HP, Marie will cast another spell negating magic attacks. Just defend when this happens and the battle will end after a couple of turns.

  • Kusumi No Okami

This boss will be impossible to defeat if you’re not coming in prepared: Kusumi No Okami has the ability to reflect all types of attacks and the only way to damage the boss is to break its resistances with a … Break spell or items causing the same effect. Break any element and stick to 2, max 3 different elements, even though it’s more effective to stick to a single one: the boss can use a skill to drain all the SP of the party so try to be as quick as you can. Using a Mind Charged spell will speed up the battle even more. Kusumi No Okami has a quite low defense stat so the battle won’t be lasting too much if you know what you’re doing.

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