Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Tower Arcana

The Tower Arcana personas start at a really high level: the first persona, Tao Tie starts at level 35. They don’t have any common trait, except for the fact that they can only be obtained by fusion, and they learn pretty different skills. Yoshitsune in particular is probably one of the BEST personas available in the game: it has one of the highest attack power in the game and comes with the Heat Riser skills which greatly increases attack power. Use it together with Brave Blade to utterly crush any Shadow in your way. Here’s the full list of the Tower personas with their starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Tao Tie

Starts from level 35, reflects darkness. Skills: Megido, Mind Slice, Dekunda, Confuse Boost(37), Mind Charge(38), Null Enervate(40), Torrent Shot(41). You can fuse Shiisa with Ara Mitama and Lamia to get Tao Tie.

  • Cu Chulain

Starts from level 46, resists physical attacks, reflects wind, weak to ice. Skills: Magarula, Deathbound, Matarukaja(47), Mind Charge(48), White Wall(49), Endure Dark(50), Garudyne(51), Wind Amp(53). You can fuse Neko Shogun or Parvati with Black Frost and Mithra to get Cu Chulain.

  • Abaddon

Starts from level 55, resists ice, nulls fire, reflects darness, weak to light. Skills: Old One, Mudoon, Arrow Rain, Agidyne(56), Endure Light(57), Tetra Break(60), Null Physical(62). You can fuse Cu Chulain with yatagarasu and Hanuman to get Abaddon.

  • Mara

Starts from level 62, resists wind, absorbs fire, reflects darkness, weak to light. Skills: Agidyne, Blight, Power Charge(63), Makarakarn(64), Absorb Physical(66), Fire Amp(67). You can fuse Shiki-Ouji with Ganesha and Seiryu to obtained Mara.

  • Masakado

Starts from level 69, nulls physical and fire, weak to thunder and darkness. Skills: Mahamaon, Tempest Slash, Myriad Arrows(71), Hama Boost(73), Arms Master(74), Enduring Soul(76). You can fuse Odin with Cu Chulain and Ananta or Cu Chulain with Trumpeter and Jatayu.

  • Yoshitsune

Starts from level 75, nulls physical, resists fire, reflects thunder and light. Skills: Brave Blade, Power Charge, Ziodyne, Heat Riser(77), Repel Elec(78), Elec Amp(79), Hassou Tobi(83). You need to fuse Hachiman with Masakado, Okuninushi, Hitokotonushi and Shiki Ouji to get Yoshitsune

  • Shiva

Starts from level 80, absorbs ice, reflects thunder. Skills: Ziodyne, Magarudyne, Enduring Soul, Maziodyne(82), Spell Master(83), Megidolaon(84), Pralaya(87). Shiva can only be fused after maxing the Tower Social Link: use Barong and Rangda in the fusion.

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