Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Sun Arcana

The Sun Arcana personas in Persona 4: Golden don’t really have any common trait: they learn a variety of skills so each one can be used in a lot of different situations. If you’re looking for personas with a high affinity with status ailment inducing skills, they’re not for you since none of these personas will learn such skills. Here’s the full list of the Sun personas with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Cu Sith

Starts from level 10, resists wind, weak to fire. Skills: Garu, Pulinpa, Rakukaja, Growth 1(11), Magaru(13), White Wall(14), Traesto(15). Cu Sith can be found in Yukiko’s Castle and Steamy Bathhouse.

  • Phoenix

Starts from level 20, nulls thunder, weak to ice. Skills: Garula, Maragi, Twin Shot(22), Growth 1(23), Dodge Ice(25), Fire Boost(26), Maragion(27). Phoenix can be found in Steamy Bathhourse and Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Ghoul With Ippon-Datara

  • Gdon

Starts from level 31, absorbs fire, weak to ice. Skills: Agilao, Maragi, Fire Break, Growth 2(33), Maragion(34), Fire Boost(35), Evade Ice(36). Gdon can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Lamia with Matador or Nata Taishi with Alraune.

  • Yatagarasu

Starts from level 40, resists wind, nulls light, weak to ice. Skills: Masukukaja, Nervundi, Agilao, Null Fear(43), Growth 2(44), Diarahan(45), Cool Breeze(46). Yatagarasu can be found in the Void Quest and Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Ares with Black Frost.

  • Narasimha

Starts from level 47, resists physical attacks, nulls light, weak to fire. Skills: Hamaon, Tempest Slash, Counterstrike(48), Evade Wind(49), Mahamaon(51), Auto-Mataru(53). Narasimha can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Triglav with Alraune.

  • Tam Lin

Starts from level 53, resists physical attacks and fire, nulls thunder and light. Skills: Ziodyne, Deathbound, High Counter, Auto-Maraku(54), Power Charge(55), Elec Amp(56), Evade Physical(58), Enduring Soul(59). Tam Lin can only be obtained by fusing Gdon, Phoenix, Narasimha and Yatagarasu.

  • Jatayu

Starts from level 61, absorbs wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Garudyne, Null Confuse, Amrita(62), Growth 3(64), Repel Elec(65), Magarudyne(66). Jatayu can be found in Magatsu Inaba or obtained by fusing Cerberus with Kikuri-hime, Cu chulain, Yastufusa and Decarabia.

  • Horus

Starts from level 68, nulls thunder, reflects light, weak to fire. Skills: Diarahan, Mahamaon, Magarudyne, Wind Amp(70), Matarukaja(71), Absorb Wind(73). Horus can be found in Magatsu Mandala and Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Hachiman with Thor or Ganesha with Hell Biker and Shiki Ouji

  • Suparna

Starts from level 77, absorbs wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Garudyne, Makajam, Evade Ice(79), Wind Amp(80), Magarudyne(81), Evade Fire(82), Elec Amp(83). Suparna can be found in the Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Mara with Baal Zebul and Hariti.

  • Asura

Starts from level 86, resists ice, nulls fire and light, weak to wind. Skills: Maragidyne, Primal Force, Marakukaja, Mahamaon(88), High Counter(89), Spell Master(90), Unshaken Will(92). Asura can only be fused after maxing the Sun Social Link: fuse Attis with Mada or Ishtar with Baal Zebul with Isis.

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