Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Moon Arcana

The Moon Arcana personas learn a variety of skills, covering almost all spell types available in the game. Most of them also learn high level elemental spells making them dish out some great damage on enemies weak to the particular elements. Here’s the full list of the Moon personas with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Andra

Starts from level 20, nulls thunder, weak to wind. Skills: Media, Mazio, Sukukaja, Blue Wall(22), Regenerate 2(23), Zionga(24), Dodge Wind(25). Andra can be found in the Steamy Bathhouse and Marukyu Striptease.

  • Nozuchi

Starts from level 27, reflects wind, weak to ice. Skills: Poison Mist, Enervation, Ailment Boost, Zionga(29), Rakukaja(30), Null Poison(31), Null Enervate(32). Nozuchi can be found in the Marukyu Striptease and Void Quest. It can also be obtained by fusing King Frost with Yaksini

  • Yamatano – Orochi

Starts from level 34, nulls ice and thunder, weak to fire and wind. Skills: Mabufula, Garula, Red Wall, Green Wall(36), Resist Enervate(38), Ice Boost(39). Yamatano – Orochi can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Decarabia with Yaksini.

  • Alraune

Starts from level 41, resists fire and ice, nulls darkness, weak to wind. Skills: Mediarama, Energy Shower, Old One, Makarakarn(43), Green Wall(44), Null Enervate(45), Enervate Boost(46). Alraune can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Gorgon with Black Frost.

  • Girimehkala

Starts from level 48, reflects physical attacks, weak to light and darkness. Skills: Power Charge, Mighty Swing, Poison Mist, Mamudoon(50), Blight(51), Tetraja(52), Endure Light(53), Repel Physical(56). Girimehkala can be found in the Secret Laboratory and Heaven or obtained by fusing Undine with Yatsufusa.

  • Sui-Ki

Starts from level 57, absorbs ice, reflects thunder, weak to fire. Skills: Bufudyne, Power Charge, Vicious Strike, Regenerate 2(59), Tetra Break(60), Enduring Soul(62). Sui-Ki can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Hell Biker with Undine.

  • Seth

Starts from level 68, reflects ice, weak to wind. Skills: Magarudyne, Garudyne, Wind Break(71), Null Light(72), Wind Amp(73), Evade Elec(74). Seth can be found in Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Kin-Ki with Belphegor

  • Baal Zebul

Starts from level 77, absorbs ice, nulls darkness, weak to fire. Skills: Mabufudyne, Mamudoon, Old One, Tentarafoo(78), Maziodyne(79), Mudo Boost(80), Stagnant Air(82). Baal Zebul can be found in Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Odin with Isis

  • Sandalphon

Starts from level 84, nulls wind, reflects light, weak to darkness. Skills: Mahamaon, Samarecarm, Amrita, Angelic Grace(87), Agneyastra(88), Endure Dark(89), Repel Dark(90). Sandalphon can only be fused after maxing the Moon Social Link: use Helel with Sraosha or Mada with Sraosha and Kohryuu in the fusion.

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