Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Judgement and World Arcana

The Judgement Arcana personas in Persona 4: Golden are really high level personas: the lowest starting is level 59. As such, they all come with high tier skills and even some skills exclusive to that persona. To make the best out of these personas you’ll probably have to wait for the Judgement Social Link to open up: since it ranks up through story events, you can somewhat plan ahead if you want to fuse one of these personas later on to receive the best experience bonus possible. In any case, these personas are all suited for the end game sections. Here’s the full list of the Judgement personas with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Anubis

Starts from leel 59, nulls light. Skills: Hamaon, Makarakarn, Mudoon, Poison Arrow(60), Mustard Bomb(61), Megidola(62), Mahamaon(64), Hama Boost(65). Anubis can be obtained by fusing Michael with Trumpeter or Principality with Titan and Anzu.

  • Trumpeter

Starts from level 67, absorbs ice, nulls darkness, reflects thunder and light. Skills: Megidola, Ziodyne, Elec Amp, Marakukaja(68), Cool Breeze(69), Megidolaon(70), Debilitate(73), Heat Riser(74). Trumpeter can be obtained by fusing Matador with Taotie, White Rider, Pabilsag, Daisoujou and Taown.

  • Michael

Starts from level 72, resists physical, nulls fire and light, weak to wind. Skills: Vorpal Blade, Megidola, Hamaon, Megidolaon(74), Mahamaon(75), Repel Dark(76), Heaven’s Blade(79). Michael can be obtained by fusing Anzu with Titan and Principality.

  • Satan

Starts from level 76, reflects fire and darkness, weak to wind. Skills: Megidolaon, Maragion, Regenerate 3(77), Invigorate 3(78), Endure Light(80), Black Viper(81), Null Wind(82). Satan can be obtained by fusing Yoshitsune with Michael and Thor.

  • Metatron

Starts from level 83, nulls fire, reflects light, weak to darkness. Skills: Mahamaon, Heaven’s Blade, Megidolaon(86), Repel Ice(87), Repel Elec(88), Repel Fire(89). Metatron can be obtained by fusing Shiva with Mahakala and Yoshitsune

  • Ardha

Starts from level 90, resists physical attacks, nulls ice and thunder. Skills: Primal Force, God’s Hand, Megidolaon(91), Null Dizzy(92), Auto-Rakukaja(93), Mediarahan(94), Angelic Grace(95), Null Physical(96). Ardha can be obtained by fusing Shiva with Parvati.

  • Lucifer

Starts from level 93, resists physical, nulls darkness, weak to light. Skills: Bufudyne, Brave Blade, Mind Charge, Ice Amp(94), Spell Master(95), Repel Light(96), Absorb Elec(98), Victory Cry(99). Lucifer can only be fused after maxing the Judgement Social Link: use Ananta, Michael, Trumpeter, Metatron, Satan and Anubis during the fusion process.

World Arcana

The only persona available for the World Arcana can be fused only after having completed the game: Izanagi No Okami can be fused after July 20, it resists all elements and comes with some poweful skills.

  • Izanagi No Okami

Starts from level 91, resists all elements. Skills: Megidolaon,Victory Cry, Angelic Grace, Mind Charge, Agidyne(92), Bufudyne(93), Garudyne(94), Ziodyne(95), Fire Amp(96), Ice Amp(97) Elec Amp(98), Wind Amp(99). To create Izanagi No Okami you must fuse Izanagi, Sandman, Nata Taishi, Girimehkala, Norn, Okuninushi, Orthrus, Kartikeya, Mithra, Tzitzimitl, Cu Chulain and Legion.


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