Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Jester Arcana

The Jester Arcana is another Arcana exclusive to Persona 4 Golden. Just like with the Aeon arcana, you might recognize some of this personas from previous Shin Megami Tensei titles and Persona 3. A few of these personas have a good affinity with darkness, but other than this, there’s no defining trait. The final Jester persona is the persona used by Adachi in his battle against the party, Magatsu Izanagi. Here’s the full list of the Jester Personas with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Gurr

Starts from level 20, resists wind and darkness, weak to light. Skills: Muzzle Shot, Auto Tarukaja, Growth 1 (21), Swift Strike (21), Poison Mist (23), Poison Boost (25), Resist Physical (27). Gurr can be obtained by fusing Izanagi with Ukobach and Ghoul.

  • Take-Minakata

Starts from level 27, resists physical and thunder, weak to light and darkness. Skills: Mazion, Zionga, Survive Light (29), Auto Rakukaja (30), Dekaja (31), Dodge Physical (33). Take Minakata can be obtained by fusing Shisaa with Yomotsu Ikusa and Nigi Mitama.

  • Pale Rider

Starts from level 34, resists wind, nulls darkness, weak to light. Skills: Mamudoon, Mind Slice, Garula, Counterstrike (35), Mudoon (37), Survive Light (39). Pale Rider can be obtained by fusing Sarsvati with Matador and Unicorn.

  • Loa

Starts from level 40, resists wind and darkness, weak to light. Skills: Mudoon, Life Drain, Matarunda, Survive Light (42), Ziodyne (43), Mudo Boost (45), Tetraja (47). Loa can be obtained by fusing Mithra with Virtue and Yamatano Orochi.

  • Baphomet

Starts from level 47, nulls darkness, weak to light. Skills: Evil Smile, Maragion, Ghastly Wail, Ailment Boost (49), Dodge Physical (50), Mamudoon (52), Mudo Boost (53). Baphomet can be obtained by fusing Angel with Hachiman and Pazuzu.

  • Kumbhanda

Starts from level 55, absorbs fire, weak to wind. Skills: Agidyne, Auto Masuku, Alertness (56), Fire Amp (58), Resist Elec (59), Deathbound (60), Tetraja (61). Kumbhanda can be obtained by fusing Angel with Alice and Hachiman.

  • Chernobog

Starts from level 62, resists physical, nulls darkness, weak to wind. Skills: Mamudoon, Rainy Death, Tetra Break, Myriad Arrows (64), Resist Wind (66), Megidolaon (68), Invigorate (69). Chernobog can be obtained by fusing Pazuzu with Lakshmi and Hachiman.

  • Seiten Taisei

Starts from level 68, resists physical and wind, weak to fire. Skills: Brave Blade, Rebellion, Evade Elec, High Counter (69), Arms Master (71), Regenerate 3 (74), Vorpal Blade (76). Seiten Taisei can only be obtained by fusing Taowu with Garuda and Kartikeya.

  • Magatsu Izanagi

Starts from level 77, nulls light and darkness. Skills: Atom Smasher, Maziodyne, Ghastly Wail, Magarudyne (78), Megidolaon (80), Power Charge (82), Heat Riser (84), Vorpal Blade (86). Magatsu Izanagi can only be fused after mastering the Jester Social Link: use Mada with Isis and Odin or Surt with Alice and Atavaka

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