Persona 4 Golden Battles Strategy Guide: Shadow Yosuke, Shadow Chie, Shadow Yukiko

Some of the bosses that you will have to fight in Persona 4 Golden can be quite a pain without a good strategy and personas with the best skills available. In this guide we’ll give you a helping hand in conquering the many bosses you’ll have to defeat during the course of the game.

  • ???

It’s not really a boss battle and the mist won’t allow you to hit your opponent anyway. Just wait for the battle to end automatically

  • Shadow Yosuke

The first true boss battle of the game is not so hard, even though it can be a bit thougher on higher difficulties. Since the only available Persona is Izanagi, just use Zio against Shadow Yosuke to take advantage of his thunder weakness. Defend when prompted since the Winds Of Oblivion skill can deal quite a bit of damage, being Izanagi weak to wind. Even though the boss may have little health left, defend if the boss is going to attack: you may not be able to defeat him and you’ll have to suffer some damage.

  • Chie’s Shadow

Chie’s Shadow is weak to wind, so use Yosuke to deal some good damage and knock her down.As for your personas, bring some with good defense, magic and wind skills. Halfway through the battle, the boss is going to use Green Wall, making her resistant to wind attacks: go with physical attacks or even other elemental attacks. After a few turns start defending with Yosuke since she’s going to use Mazio right after loosing her shield.

  • Avenger Knight

The Avenger Knight has some high attack power, requiring very few hits to take you down. The best course of action is to go with buffs and debuffs: increase your defense, decrease his attack power and defense. Avoid using physical attacks since he’s resistant to them: use elemental magic and keep your HP level as high as possibile, making Yosuke heal as needed.

  • Yukiko’s Shadow

Having a fire resistant personas is really important here since she’ll often attack with the Agi spell. Keep attacking her and healing as needed, protecting Chie as she’s weak to fire. After loosing some of her HP, Yukiko’s Shadow will summon Prince Charming, making the battle a bit more complicated: Prince Charming is weak to ice so use Chie to knock him down and keep him down as he can support the main boss. Near the end of the battle, the boss is going to use the Burn To Ashes skill, hitting all your characters. There’s a trick in avoiding this: the attack gets used the turn after the boss does nothing. Defend with all characters and you won’t suffer too much damage. Continue attacking Yukiko’s Shadow until she gets defeated.

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