Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Familiars Guide: Story Familiars

While most of the familiars in Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch are completely optional, some of them will join Oliver and his party as the story progresses. In theory you could be able to fully complete the game without having to catch a single familiar and just use the ones that you get through the story. This is obviously stretching the whole thing but knowing how to use best the story familiars will be able to give you some kind of advantage during the game, especially if you’re being unlucky in your familiar catching endeavors. Here are the first familiars you will meet during your journey, together with their characteristics and traits and with some tips on how to make the best out of their peculiar characteristics.

  • Mitey

Celestial Sign: Sun
Genus: Milites
Primary Abilities: Attack, Evasion, Accuracy
Susceptible to: Unconsciousness, Confusion
Resistant to: Poison, Curse
Elemental Resistance: Storm
Elemental Weakness: Water
Favourite Treat: Chocolate
Most Compatible With: Oliver

Mitey is the first familiar you will meet and join your party. As expected, he’s mostly compatible with Oliver. He’s mostly aimed toward physical attacks so you know what you must do when customizing his stats. His special Miracle Move is Slash Dance which is a physical oriented move. Boost Attack and Defense when customizing Mitey and you’ll always have a good familiar at your disposal, useful in a lot of situations.

  • Lemahl

Celestial Sign: Star
Genus: Bestiae
Primary Abilities: Evasion, Accuracy, Attack, Defence
Susceptible to: Sleep
Resistant to: Blindness
Elemental Resistance: None
Elemental Weakness: None
Favourite Treat: Ice Cream (Eva.)
Most Compatible With: Swaine

You will obain Lemahl after the Mischievous Mice quest. Tommy Stout will be giving Lemahl to you after explaining that only wizards can fight with familiars on their side. Lemahl is a strange familiar, more geared towards dealing huge amounts of damage rather than tanking. His first trick is Sharpener which increases attack power and he has Psyche Up instead of the defend command which will increase damage of the next attack. With Psyche up you will also have a higher chance of interrupting the enemies’ actions so he can be used to interrupt high damaging attacks. When needing to defend, make sure to swap familiars since Lemahl has no way to do so.


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