Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Familiars Guide: Metamorphosis

With so many things to look out for Familiars in Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, an unaware player may fee completely lot with the wealth of things to do. But that’s why we are here: to help you all make the best out of each familiar included in the game. After analyzing the treats, the celestial signs and the genuses, today we will be covering the metamorphosis feature, which will play an important part in the game.

After earning enough experience, all familiar will change into a different form. Actually, they obtain the possibility to change into a different form: to actually start the morphing process you need some specific items which are tied to celestial signs. Give the corresponding item to a familiar and he will into another form. Each familiar has three forms: the third form will be chosen among two different possibilities most of the times featuring different elemental properties. The abilities will also vary so be careful when changing into the third form since things may be quite different from before.

In growing and changing, familiars have three different patterns:

Normal: regular, even growth for all abilities.

Early Riser: with this pattern, the familiars will get the most of their growth until they hit level 40. After that, their growth will slow down a lot, making them not as powerful as familiars with different growth patterns.

Late Bloomer: the Late Bloomer will have some trouble keeping up during the first levels and until level 80. However once the late bloomer hits level 81, he will become a true powerhouse. This kind of familiars are best suited to be kept for a long, long time.

As a general strategy for morphing familiars, it’s best to wait a bit after you can morph them: they’ll start back from level 1 but retain all bonuses and abilities learned. You can still morph them as soon as you can but you will end up with a weaker familiar. It’s not a problem for the main game content but you may be loosing a powerful ally for the later parts and extras of the game. As always, you have the freedom to chose what’s best: simply plan ahead a bit and you will be fine.


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