Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Familiars Guide: Catching Familiars and Team Creating Guide

Taking care of familiars is all good and well but we shouldn’t forget something important: before being able to take care of them, we will have to catch them! And it’s as easy as it may seem: we’re not talking about pokemons but about the world of Ni No Kuni when being cute doesn’t mean being an easy catch.

During the first parts of the game, Familiars will join the party automatically. Once Esther joins the party you will be able to catch any familiar you meet and defeat in battle. However this will not be an easy task: the chances of joining you are pretty slim and the rarer the familiar is, the harder it will be for it to be joining you. There isn’t a known way to increase the chances so if you want a specific familiar you’ll just have to defeat it over and over and hope it will end up joining you.

Creating a well balanced them is another important thing: each character can carry 3 familiars into battle and they will all get experience even if they don’t participate in battle: this is a good method to get some low level familiars some extra experience, as well as letting recently morphed familiars back to a decent level since, once morphed, familiars go back to level 1. As you might have noticed, all familiars play a specific role in battle and the key to victory is mixing them up in your roster to create an effective team. Familiars can be divided into:

Fighters: Good all around stats, best suited for a variety of situations: they’re good at dealing damage and with some defense buffing they can double up as thanks, becoming even more versatile.

Tanks: High HP and Defense, allowing them to soak up damage while deal some decent damage to enemies. Best used in Boss Fights. Added resistances will make this type of familiars even more useful. A tank familiar will often make hard battles easier.

Wizards: High Magic Attack and a good selection of elemental skills will make the wizards pretty useful against enemies with known elemental weaknesses. With the customization options and gems, it’s pretty easy to make some powerful wizard types, even though some good gems may be hard to come by.

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