Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Alchemy Guide: Medals, Drops

Just like almost every game recently created by Level 5, item creation with Alchemy holds a central place in the world of Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch. The game has a lot of items to be collected like provisions which are used in battle to restore HP, MP and revive dead characters and familiars, weapons for all characters as well as armor, clothes, headgears, shields all kinds of items usable by Familiars. Treats can also be produced and used to improve the familiars stats. Alchemy in Ni No Kuni is not too complex: however players are required to find out the recipes before being able to produce items: going about it randomly will not help you produce some good items. If you know the recipe from somewhere else you can still produce the item but the recipe itself will not be registered. If this tedious process if putting you off, don’t worry: we at GamerSyndrome know about all the formulae and we will list them here in these guides for you. Once we’ll be done with the formulae we will also be covering how to get all the recipes for all completionists. The items needed for the alchemy process can be found ina variety of ways: some of them are common items which can be found in the field, while others may be rare finds from chests or simply enemies’ drops. We will be covering these items as well in some other guides.

  • Medals

Medal of Dexterity
A5, D-, MA-, MD-, EV-, AC5
Effect: Increase Attack Speed by 1 Star
Soldier’s Sword + Bass Bell + Sprocket

Medal of Steadfastness
A-, D20, MA-, MD20, EV-20, AC-
Effect: Block +2%
Iron Shield + Bubble Pipe x2 + Bass Bell x2

Medal of Impunity
A-, D-, MA-, MD-, EV-, AC-
Effect: Immunte to All Status except Unconsciousness
Star Pearl + All-Be-Gone x3 + Glowcap x3

  • Drops

Jumbo Sundrop
Used to morph Stage 2 Sun Familars
Sundrop + Sun Crystal x3

Jumbo Stardrop
Used to morph Stage 2 Star Familars
Stardrop + Star Crystal x3

Jumbo Moondrop
Used to morph Stage 2 Moon Familars
Moondrop + Moon Crystal x3

Jumbo Planetdrop
Used to morph Stage 2 Planet Familars
Planetdrop + Planet Crystal x3


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