Hitman: Absolution Weapons Guide: Firearms Part 6

In this last part of the Hitman: Absolution Firearms guide we will complete analyzing all firearms in the game: just a few left them.
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  • The Absolver

The Absolver is a special type of Aries Charging Ram, featuring a different design: black color with a barbed wire decoration on the barrel. There isn’t any real difference from the standard Aries Charging Ram expect for the aesthetics. This weapon can be found in the Attack Of The Saints mission, carried by Lasandra Dixon

  • Travis’ Swiss 3000

The Travis’ Swiss 3000 is a unique version of the Swiss 3000, with a colored slide and frame. Just like the Swiss 3000 it comes with a high accuracy and somewhat decent attack power. It can’t be customized in any way. This weapon can only be used during Contracts missions after purchasing it for 1.000.000 $.

  • Ultramax

The Ultramax is a sub machine gun holding 60 rounds sporting good range and damage rate. The recoil is a little higher than its variation and a slower fare rate. This weapon can be found in the Birdie’s Gift and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Worn M590 12ga

The Worn M590 12ga is a shotgun holding 8 rounds, best suited for heavy combat situations, sporting high damage rates. This weapon can be found in the Terminus and Fight Night missions.

  • Worn Z&M Model 60

The Worn Z&M Model 60 is a revolver pistol, holding 6 rounds. Just like its base variant, the Z&M Model 60, it features reduced recoil and accuracy to deliver some sold damage. This weapon can be found in the Terminus mission.

  • Z&M Model 60

The Z&M Model 60 is a more reliable version of the Worn Z&M Model 60 weapon: high damage for reduced recoil and accuracy. This weapon is usually carried by police officers: it can be found in the Run For Your Life, Hunter and Haunted, Streets Of Hope and Shaving Lenny missions.

  • Zug TMP

The Zug TMP is a compact sub machine gun holding 30 rounds: since it’s quite small, it can be dual wielded. If features quite avarage stats and a really high rate of fire: while dual wielding, you’ll destroy any opponent in short range confrontations. This weapon can be found in the Rosewood mission.

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