Hitman: Absolution Weapons Guide: Firearms Part 5

Let’s continue analyzing the many firearms included in Hitman: Absolution. Remember that you cannot choose your weapons in the main campaign and can only obtain them by procuring them during the mission itself.

  • Skurky’s Mustang Snub

The Skurky’s Mustang Snub is a lightweight revolver, holding the standard revolver’s 6 rounds, with a good attack power but really low accuracy. The recoil is also reduced significantly. This weapon is exclusive to Contracts Mode and you must pay 1.000.000 $ before being able to use it.

  • SP12

The SP12 is a semi automatic shotgun, sporting an incredibly high attack power, holding 8 rounds. It’s the perfect choice when stealth is not needed. This weapon can be found during the Blackwater Park mission. There’s also another variant of this weapon, the Agency SPS 12, already covered, which features a slightly different design and it’s fully customizable.

  • Steiner-Bisley Zenith

The Steiner-Bisley Zenith is a handgun only usable after buying it as DLC: it’s a sort of tribute to the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This handgun can be dual wielded and comes with a suppressor: it’s perfect for stealthy situations.

  • STG 58

The STG 58 is an assault rifle holding 20 rounds, with excellent range and power. Despite the good range, it’s quite hard to use effectively in long range due to the high recoils: using it in short bursts in short-middle range is the way to go. This assault rifle can be found in the End Of The Road, Skurky’s Law, Death Factory and Operation Sledge Hammer missions.

  • STG 58 Elite

The STG 58 Elite is a variation of the standard STG 58 assault rifle: it’s easier to handle, holds more bullets, 25 total, and had an improved fire rate. The STG 58 Elite can be found in the Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Fight Night and Skurky’s Law missions

  • Swiss 3000

The Swiss 3000 is a handgun holding 10 rounds and that can be dual wielded. It’s a quite standard pistol featuring really high accuracy but non being silenced doesn’t make it suitable for stealthy situations. The Swiss 3000 can be found in the King Of Chinatown, Birdie’s Gift and Welcome to Hope missions.

  • Swiss Derringer

The Swiss Derringer is a unique pistol carried by Lenny Dexter: it’s a quite small weapon holding only 2 rounds. Except for the design, it doesn’t offer any true advantage over other weapons. The Swiss Derringer can be found in the End Of The Road mission.


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